The Garden Fence - help and support in tough times

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    And her little brother is waiting for delivery of his own wheels - they'll be having chariot races!! So if you're going to feel sorry for anyone Nargle - please let it be me!! (lol, not really I'm quite looking forward to it).

    Respite evening tonight so we're off to the curry house in a bit for some couple/keep me sane time. We often do curry as it's a cheap night as it is a bring your own place so got a half price pinot grigio from Mr T to take with us - it's been a long week so well and truly ready for it.
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    Better get some wood, hammer and nails, nuatha, looks like the Garden Fence might need extending!

    It's more likely to need re-enforcing if I lean over it lol
    Welcome to all our newbies look forward to "speaking" to you all and picking up your hints and tips.
    Thanks for a new thread have spent soooo long starting from the very first thread, coming to the end only to find another thread with hundreds of posts for me to read and so on and so on. So a chance to be near the beginning makes me:j lol
    Nothing OS to add so will catch u all later xx
    Ooh I lied managed to save money on my house and car insurance all for a short time on the phone £50 saved altogether xx
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    I would love to join you all on this new thread. Like Hester the fence will need to be low as I am only 4foot 9 but a stocky little creature.
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    Slow up you lot, I go absent for 2 days and all hell as let loose, arguements etc , and the old thread is well and truely wrapped it self up, and here I find myself on a new thread , I hope im welcome .........Sheila...
    My motto is " one life live it ".....:)
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    Join the over-the-garden-fence gang, sheila, I know what you mean, a week is a long time in politics they say.....And a day can be a long time on these threads. nuatha has the hammer and nails to customise the fence to fit each one of us, he is the bloke among us after all, so it's his job! Oops, did I say something non-PC there?
    One life - your life - live it!
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    Jackie O we must have been separated at birth. My mother got my Carmen rollers with the vouchers from her fags. I also had one of the inflatable hairdryers. I go to a local 'museum' and all the stuff I used to have and use is in there.
  • Thanks for the shiny new thread :) I've posted a couple of times on the other but not quite got going. I now have visions of a large army of "apronned" ladies (and a few gents) marching en masse down the road clutching a variety of kitchen/garden tools who are definitely a force to be reckoned with!! And with a huge amount of knowledge and experience amongst them. hopefully lots of people will post & share as that's what makes the thread work.
    A week of "befores" going on for me, as well as one after. Joined a weight loss/exercise group at my local gym, part of which is a before pic as well as measurements (somewhat scary & a bit depressing but have bucked up since). Looking forward to developing a healthier way of eating & being fitter and healthier. Must read the OS weight loss thread.
    Also had a good haircut, from halfway down my back to a base of the neck bob! (Which I am very pleased with).
    And finally ordered my new kitchen & just booked the start date today, 7th April - can't wait for the new one!! Need to buy some appliances, sink, tiles & cabinet lighting. Will be done just before I leave one job/start another!!
    So a quiet few weeks coming up... :)
    Live your life until love is found, or love's gonna get you down" (credit to Mika!):p

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    Hello all. I'm a middle aged heavy metal woman (promise to keep the music down) who would like to join if its ok?

    Les Dawson - blimey he was funny. The Candle in Cumbria sketch where he pulls different faces always gets me laughing.
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    Evening all. Jazee here. For those who don't know me, I'm in North Yorkshire, have two dogs and became officially FAT this week as my waist has disappeared - just like that.

    And what won't help is that DH and I treated ourselves to a rare takeaway tonight.

    Lovely to see so many people posting. I will try to post more regularly too.
    Spend less now, work less later.
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    May I join in as well please. I think I fit the image more than I would like.
    Possession wrote: »
    Frankly Silva my bosom could do with some hoisting...
    I've just paid the electrician and got the money out to pay the roofer at the weekend so am feeling considerably poorer.

    Had to laugh at my mental connection of these 2 sentences. :D
    Mortgage and Debt free but need to increase savings pot. :think:
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