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    Jazee wrote: »
    Morning fencers. .

    I have a vision in my head of us all around a fence with little swords having a jolly old time!

    Mardatha the weather is rotten here today, I think Scotland is in for a rough few days, the weather is horrible. Just taken DD to work in Glasgow as she has a heavy cold and I felt sorry for her - and I have a new car!

    Went to a panel discussion last night with a friend for International Women's Day, very interesting apart from one nutter in the audience who hogged the floor making very political statements. It was good to go to something different and it was free too.
  • Thank you Nuatha for a new thread. I, too, refrained from posting on the other thread but will try to do better with this one.

    My dad always says 'height for weight, I should be 7' 10" tall!!!
    :j[DFW Nerd club #1142 Proud to be dealing with my debt:TDMP start date April 2012. Amount £21862:eek:April 2013 = £20414:T April 2014 = £11000 :TApril 2015 = £9500 :T April 2016 = £7200:T
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    First dog walk done, took ages as OldDog at nearly 15 is sooo slow but we only came across one puddle. Fields really dry. Will have a short walk later, but tackle another longer one tomorrow.

    And I've been on the phone to a friend for ages too. Six months since last catch up. I thought I was bad posting on here infrequently, I'm even worse in RL. Good job we can just pick up where we left off.

    Going to try and ring another old friend now, not quite so long since last chat, only 3 months.
    Spend less now, work less later.
  • Afternoon all, beautiful day down here on the south coast, plenty of washing to be getting out. I wonder how long this garden fence is, to fit us all lined up along it!
    Having a wardrobe clear out today and also need to inventory the garage freezers. Been tracking what I'm eating as part of the lose/shape up course I'm doing so would be good to be able to plan some healthier meals and know what I've got!
    Hope everyone's having a good weekend.
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    Hate to say it but its warm and sunny here and I have the doors open - long may it last! Am sending the sun upto Mardatha to cheer her up!
    Clearing the junk to travel light
    Saving every single penny.
    I will get my caravan
  • Sunshine and warmth here in Wales as well. Spring is looking promising.
  • juliettet wrote: »
    .....Does anyone know whether it is possible to do a 'paleo' diet and be vegetarian?

    Been giving this a bit of thought juliettet and being veggie myself, must admit I had never considered paleo, with its emphasis on protein. Having googled a bit it seems there are people out there doing it and even some vegans trying it :eek:. However, it looks as if it would be a step too far for me and that anyone embarking on a diet like this would have to be very careful to be sure to get all of the their vitamins and minerals each day. Good luck if do try and I for one would be very interested in how you get on with it.
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    ivyleaf wrote: »
    Softstuff - We keep being told that food has become much cheaper over the last two years or so; I think vegetables have, due to an unexpectedly good harvest, but meat seems to be dearer every time we go shopping :eek:

    Though I expect it depends on whereabouts you live as well. I remember shocking a lot of people on here a couple of years ago when I said our local butcher's was selling "Half a large rabbit" for £8.99. A lot of posters were paying well under half of that for a whole one, but we live in Greater London. (They say they aren't allowed to sell wild rabbit, which I'm sure would be cheaper.)

    ETA Forgot to say Welcome Smeeth and our other new posters!

    Ivyleaf....We can get rabbits here for about £5. whole one at the butchers , but beings we are well and trully in the coun tryside alot of people shoot them on their own land and will give them to you for the price of a cartridge. ...I personally cant stand the smell of them , absolutely disgusting vile smell.......But each to their own.......

    Its been on tv and papers this week that lots of restaurants are now selling squirells...:eek:......
    Weve had a super day here again today , had all the doors open and have had a good blow through , I ve been planning to change the flower borders a bit to lesson my work load, so where ive got perennial borders , ive decided to plant some hebe shrubs , at least once they have grown rounded there wont be any weeding to do ;) , I will only have to shape the shrubs twice a year , ive just planted 6 different types of hebes around the pond , they are evergreen and bees and butterflies swarm to them ........Im trying to cut down on the amount of work is involved in the garden ........

    Can anyone on here advise me on the calorie content on one scrambled egg please ?, I googled it but one web page said 33 calories each and the other said 70.......

    Sorry Mardather that your weather is crap , weve got dafs , primroses out in the garden and the last couple days have been spring like......
    All for now Sheila
    My motto is " one life live it ".....:)
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    Hi- doesn't it depend how you cook it- if you use butter/marg it will zap up the calories? Also which milk are you using etc?
  • Happy to join you, things have been very tough going in RL recently - hence absence but I have blessings to count too. Well, what would I look like leaning over a fence? I have the sort of features that make me look like a Russian babushka in a scarf. Years ago I used to kid myself that it was Audrey Hepburn that I looked like. Sigh.

    Whilst we are on about different diets, I got sent a spiraliser to try, this is effectively a giant pencil sharpener style peeler in which carrots, courgettes and veg cut into cylindrical shapes can be prepared. The 'shavings' from the 'sharpener' can be kept in one piece to make vegetable spaghetti for stir fries. I've tried it with carrots and courgettes. Interesting way to make veggies look different on the plate.

    The grey squirrel pies appeared on our local news. I was about to post my views at length but they probably wouldn't go down well! It's a good form of pest control in my view; they are, like wild rabbits, a pest in the wrong environment. Better for the pest to be removed, to be eaten and have the skin used too, than for them to die and then be wasted.
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