How much do you spend on holiday? I'M BACK AND I DID IT!!!!



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    Hi IDA.
    The Alice Museum only takes about half an hour tops to walk through, plus any time that you want to spend in the gift shop. Cost wise it's £3.25 for adults and £2.50 for kids. It's located pretty much in the middle of llandudno so it might be good for a morning's activity before going on to do something else in the town on the same day. From your campsite you're looking at max of around 30 mins drive or 45 mins on the bus to llandudno. Be aware that parking in llandudno at this time of year is ridiculous... you might be better off spending the bus fare than you would the parking charges. A nice afternoon's activity still in Llandudno is either the Bodafon Farm Park

    or a trip to the west shore. Walking time to either of these from the Alice museum is about 15 minutes.

    If you're taking your own picnic make sure you eat it well away from the north shore or the town centre as the seagulls can be pretty vicious. Try not to rely on picking up your lunch or snacks from llandudno town centre- it's a holiday town and priced as such.

    I grew up in llandudno and now live in Bangor so if you have any lastminute questions please post away!

    Otherwise have a fab holiday.
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  • Just had to pop on and say - sob - there is a severe weather warning for Tuesday/Wednesday (torrential rain and gales) in Wales and the south west -oh the joy of British summers. Autumn weather moving in too, colder and damp!! Packed fleeces and wellies and a pair of shorts in the hope they have it wrong - although bad weather forecasts are generally right! Wish me luck all. Anyone else going away at the same time as me or in the near future have a great time (whatever the weather!)!
    love and hugs
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  • farley95_2
    North Yorkshire Aug 2007
    We have just been to North Yorkshire, Pickering. We (Me,teenager + 7yr old) do cheat abit by staying with my friend in her one bed stone cottage, me & 7yr old on blow up bed in living room and my teenager goes to my friends daughters flat (Its like camping though). We started the week by going to Pickering Tractor & Steam Rally a 4day thing which goes over 10 fields. We got in free as my friends hubby collects tractors and was showing them, but we found out that if you were in the public camping fields that gave you free entry to all the Rally - funfair, stalls, fireworks etc. Its on every year around begining of August.
    We got money off vouchers for scarborough's sealife centre £23, spent 2 days on beach (free) and we had an afternoon in Pickerings swimming pool - family ticket £8 and the rest of the time was spent walking with the dogs and playing jenga. All in all one weeks holiday cost a budget £150.
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    Can't comment on Alice's place sorry - too old and friends kids are boys so probably wouldn't be seen..... There's a tribute at West Shore (by paddling pool) about author. Agree North Shore is probably a bit nicer.

    Forgot to say Pili Pala (Butterfly house) in Conwy was well recommended by my boss - has 2 boys, 6 and 3.

    Haven't heard weather forcast for week - but was in Llandudno and Colwyn Bay this morning without a coat (and I live in coat), so it may not be as bad as you think!
  • moanymoany
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    What we do is to decide how much cash we are taking and then divide it into the number of days. We put the money for each day into an envelope. Say e.g. £25, £30 - whatever. Only take that money out with you, still in the envelope. Our kids quickly understood the system and calculated what we could all do with the money. It was often very funny.

    I think taking food is a good idea, tins of stew, baked beans and sausages - value of course - jars of spaghetti sauce, pasta, potatoes, all things that can be cooked on two burners and don't need refrigerating.

    It depends on what your kids like, get them in on the act.

    Have a great holiday.
  • Tindella_2
    Hi IDA - just to let you know that according to the metcheck forecast, the weather in N Wales starts picking up on the 21st - so you should still be there - don't despair if your first week is not so good - try all the indoor stuff then because your second week should be much better - definitely take the shorts!

    have fun!

  • Well here I am - should be all set up and lounging around in full holiday mode in the caravan. Almost was! 5 miles away from home and bang - the car broke down! A 2 hour wait for the breakdown and it was discovered a belt had gone :mad: :mad: so no choice but to return home again! On the positive side, dh is a mechanic so while waiting for the pick up truck we called no1 son and sent him off to car accessories shop to purchase both belts, so £35 of our spending money spent on belts but fixed in a garage don't even dare think how expensive it would be! Now its a pretty big job and lots of bits to strip off the engine, dh at it as we speak, so we may not get away until Tuesday! I admit I cried, sheer frustration (and not smoking!) but I'm over it and in true IDA fashion looking on the bright, positive (is there one - lol ) side! So if you have any tips you'd like to add -feel free!!
    love and hugs
    I stopped smoking 25th June 2007
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  • spud30
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    Oh love :grouphug:

    At least you were close enough to go home so DH could fix it - if you had arrived on holiday, it may have cost your whole holiday budget and more getting it repaired in a local garage.

    Our timing belt went last year, I was doing 70 in the fast lane at the time, and it was very scary. That did all sorts of damage and cost over £500 to repair.

    You're very lucky to have your DH to be able to sort it (you dont live anywhere near here do you :D )

    Cheer up - Tuesday is only the day after tomorrow ;)
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  • Things looking worse by the second, crank shaft casing cracked, rockers broke and possible bent valves (dh still checking it all out) could just sit here and cry. DD has offered her holiday money (£10) to help cause she's been counting the sleeps and is so exceited about the holiday! Trying not to feel too sorry for myself cause I know people have "real" worries/problems etc and also many on the forums will probably think ha that'll teach you for trying to have a holiday while in debt! But I could cry cause it's likely to cost a fortune to fix (even with dh doing it!) but also because we will loose the £500 we paid for the holiday - what I could do with £500 now. Oh well lets see what the day brings - sorry for whinging again.
    I stopped smoking 25th June 2007
    STILL Never complacent but confident
    My debt is GOING DOWN!!!!
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    Oh hunny I just don't know what to say. I feel for your DD so badly, wish I was closer and not driving in the opposite direction today cos I would've taken you! I'm really panicking about my car now that yours has died cos I had serious problems with mine a few weeks ago if you remember when the head gasket went plus a whole host of hidden problems I didn't know about when I bought the car and I've not had the opportunity to go faster than 40mph in it since I bought it so I'm just hoping we get there!

    I so hope your car gets fixed (as cheaply as poss) and you get to go soon, is there nobody you could borrow a car off of?

    Awwwww I really feel for you hun :(
    DFW Nerd no. 496 - Proud to be dealing with my debts!!
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