How much do you spend on holiday? I'M BACK AND I DID IT!!!!

I'm going away for a fortnight soon, (very dfw in our tourer and in this country), trying to be realistic about the spending money but have never been very good and we never seem to have enough - in the past were always able to rely on the cc for back up hence where I am now!!! There are 5 (2 adults, 2 teenagers and 1 child) of us and we plan to take as much of the food with us that we can - but will obviously still have to shop a little! I plan to take £400 but worry that maybe this isn't enough and what if we run out. So anyone out there brave enough to admit what they spend or let me have some tips. Many thanks.
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  • Gemmzie
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    Well our holidays were ridiculous too but I live in Cornwall so have to deal with high costs of tourism a lot.

    Avoid hot spots if you can, they'll be over crowded and expensive. Not sure where you're going but most places are similar.
    Don't be tempted to spend money on rubbish novelty items and try to limit treats, yes you're on holiday but 5 ice creams later is easily £10! So buy them and keep them in the freezer (if you have one).
    Keep breakfast cheap at "home", lunch light and enjoy your evening meals is always a good way to go too.

    HTH and enjoy your hols :)
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  • southernscouser
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    Whats a holiday? :)


    I've not had one since my lightbulb moment so I'm absolutely no use I'm afraid. :)
  • angelavdavis
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    There were posts recently on Old style on meal ideas for holidays to help keep costs down. So I would take a peek over there for some ideas.

    I have to say, I am hopeless to ask, as I generally only really spend on holidays - as I love my scuba diving. I would rather go without anything else than miss a holiday!

    Having said that, I always go for the last minute bargains - last one was a week staying bed, breakfast and evening meal at a 5* Hilton in Sharm El Sheikh in April for £505 + £150 for three days diving. This meant I only spent £250 extra on going out (and extra diving :D ) I suppose if you take the diving out, it was a cheap holiday.

    I have stopped holidaying in UK (not so great diving IMHO) because its too expensive, however there is only me and OH so no children to think about and very often foreign holidays consider kids as full priced so the price can really jump. I can get a 3 course meal in Sharm for less than £10. You would be hard pushed to do that in UK.
    :D Thanks to MSE, I am mortgage free!:D
  • howskint?
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    I have been wondering this. off on a camping holiday on Tuesday and need to do it as cheaply as possible!! Two adults and 2 children. We were going to take the first two nights meals out of the freezer the day we leave and keep them in the cool box with ice packs. Just spag bol and chille.

    One way I find we save a fortune is when the kids want an ice cream we find the nearest supermarket and buy a box of ice creams rather than using an ice cream van! Just praying for lots of nice weather so we can spend lots of time on the beach rather than paying to go into places. We're going fo 9 days - campsites already paid for - I'm hoping not to go over 300 pounds! Will let you know how we get on!
  • Imelda
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    Hi there,

    We went on a campervan trip last summer (when I was in the thick of paying off my debt!) It was just my OH and I and we spent about £300 in 10 days. This included petrol (it was an old vw- we drove from London to Cornwall and toured about quite a bit) and surfing lessons/ hire for me. We tended to eat "in" every other night, we had a little stove and so made chillis and pasta etc. BBQs are another good idea. We also took booze with us rather than drinking in pubs etc. Meals out were usually fish and chips on the beach or a wetherspoons meal.
    Also each morning we would make up sandwiches, put them in the cool bag with a bottle of pop, apples etc and just dip in and out of it during the day.
    I would budget just as you would at home- set aside the money you know you will spend- ie petrol, campsite and then give yourselves a daily budget, make sure the kids are aware of the money situation so they do not keep pestering you for drinks and icecreams.
    Where are you planning on going? Have you booked a campsite?
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  • Yes, site all booked and paid for - we're going to North Wales (never been before - usually Devon or Cornwall). Just have to find petrol money (towing the van this increases slightly) and food, entertainment etc. Hope to visit Snowdon, dd only 5 and dh has heart condition so were looking at the train to the top but its so expensive so don't know about that! We don't spend a fortune going out at night, its a Park resort so will just visit the club in the evening to let dd see the show, we only have one or two drinks and we take the childrens with us! At least there will be no cigarettes to buy this time!!

    SS I must admit I wasn't sure about asking the question as it doesn't seem very dfw to go on holioday particularly when in debt!

    Thanks for the advice all.
    I stopped smoking 25th June 2007
    STILL Never complacent but confident
    My debt is GOING DOWN!!!!
  • Penny2myName
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    Well I spent £40 on a day out yesterday (1 adult 3 kids) but that included £17 train fare and a pair of sandals (£.4.99) for daughter which she needs for when we go away at end of this month. I took a pack up with us for lunch and admittedly made sure i was back home for tea time and my meal plan, the pack up is also part of our summer holidays meal plan. The rest went on donkey rides, doughnuts, coffee and 4 x250ml bottles of pop. A 2lt bottle would have been ALOT cheaper.
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    What we tend to do is look on the net before we go, and so can budget how much 'outings' will cost. I have a food budget (set depending upon how much stuff we take from the freezer at home), and then stick to it. We view the holiday as a change of scenery and oppertunity to do different things - not an excuse for the tourist areas to prise money out of our hands.
  • dianadors
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    We do camping too (love it!). I always found that the kids wanting loads of tat, sweets, ice creams (2 Magnums each per day!!!!!)etc bumped up the cost of our hols (the seem to view it as a spendfest!) However, I started giving them holiday spending money at the start of the holiday with a very stern message that once its gone its gone, and any that they have left over they can keep. Its amazing. They still "want" stuff, but when I get their own purse out with their own money, they change their mind!!!! Sneakily I use their own birthday money for their spending money! It is very tempting to treat yourselves too much on holiday, and I always find lunches end up costing quite a lot over the 2 weeks and we are a bit limited as we dont have a fridge, but last year, we bought a large pot of jam and the kids had baguette and jam for lunch - we had baguette cheese and pickle every day and saved a fortune. I tend to cook most of the time now - apart from the odd cheapish takeaway for a treat.
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    Hope to visit Snowdon, dd only 5 and dh has heart condition so were looking at the train to the top but its so expensive so don't know about that!

    Hi IDA,

    We have done the train up Snowdon a few times, and it's around £60 for a family of 4. You used to be able to pay with Tesco Clubcard deals, but that's been stopped now.

    One way to do it cheaper is to go on the 9am train - it's half price.
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