How much do you spend on holiday? I'M BACK AND I DID IT!!!!



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    I know I probably won't be much help as I'm not in a camper van and there are only two of us, and going Corfu, but...

    we are taking £170 each for a week. I've never been much for going mad when on hols. We plan to eat out each night and because we are in s/c apartment, maybe eat breakie and lunch in. We plan to go out and drink in bars and such like, but not really do much shopping. I've always been a bit of a tight**** and will think it's great if I come back with any of my money.

    The figure £170 was reached by:-

    Normally we have £400 each spending money a month. We straightaway put £100 into savings, so this month we aren't. The other £70 comes from, if you split the remaining £300 into 30 days of the month, you get £10 a day, and as we are going for a week, voila!
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    Where abouts are you going in North Wales? What things have you planned to do?

    The reason I ask is that I live and work in North Wales and my partner and myself are always on the look out for cheap days out so I might be able to suggest something.

    As people have mentioned before to keep costs down keep going out for meals to a minimum, this can easily swallow up your budget!

    We were planning to go camping in caernarfon but with the bad weather we had we didnt want our tent being washed away :o

    There are loads of great walks aswell. A nice place to visit is Bala lake, lots of tourists go there. you could go there for the day and have a BBQ lakeside :)
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  • Each year I take £750 for two weeks for three of us (1 teen, myself and other daughter aged 8)

    Last year I brought home £350 though even though we did loads of trips, the year before slightly less as we were self catering and ate out every evening, plus I went scuba diving.

    Most days we had our breakfast as late as we could, dinner as early and didn't really have a lunch or maybe just a snack, we were half board so we didn't have to buy much in the way of food. There was a supermarket nearby so we didn't get ripped off.

    The kids had a small allowance per day and we brought so presents home too, also spent £50 of that on photos at a dinner show we went to.

    We are off to Cyprus next Wednesday, I can't wait but will probably come home with less than normal, not that it really matters, thats what its there for, I think its more expensive over there than the Spainish islands.

    Sarah xx
  • So much advice you really are lovely people! We're going to the Park resort between Rhyl and Colwyn Bay. For days out I've looked at Chester Zoo (maybe?), Snowdon (definately - thanks for the 9am tip Spud), the castle at Colwyn Bay, the swimming park at Rhyl (maybe?) and as dd (aged 5) is completely besotted with Alice in Wonderland she and I will be visiting the A and W museum - have you been Sammiboo, is it any good? Both sons have their own money, although we still pay for the icecreams etc!

    Have looked at the BBC weather and the forecast for August is good - fingers crossed - good weather does make the holiday so much cheaper!!

    Will definately try and avoid ice creams, although that can be tricky!! We always restrict it to one a day and tend not to have take away much either (although fish and chips on the seafront on arrival is compulsary!) - when we do because there are 5 of us its generally about £15 - £20!!

    Thanks again!

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    No problem hun.

    Have a look for details of the 9am train - it's got to be booked by phone at least a day in advance.

    We've never done it because we're rubbish at planning ahead and early starts, but it's a good saving if you're organised :D
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    Hi IDA. I am going to North Wales at the end of the month too.

    Snowdon railway website has this tip:
    Book tickets in advance by telephone for the 9am departure and travel for HALF PRICE. This discount applies to individual adult and child return tickets booked a minimum of one day in advance of travel by telephone 0870 458 0033.

    Edit: just noticed Spud has given the tip already ;)

    We are going to be staying near Llandudno and I am hoping to spend the weekly food budget on easy food to cook in our self-catering accommodation and maybe eat lunches out instead (as it should be cheaper).

    If you have any tips and are back before us, then feel free to pass them on ;):D
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  • Hello and bon voyage!

    I am sure you will have a fantastic holiday - Llandudno is really nice and not too far from you - there's a West sandy beach beach as well as the busier beach on the other side near the pier and it's lovely there. There's also no tat shops on that side so no pester factor!!! You can also go up the Great Orme by car, train or cable car - the last two are very pricey but maybe your little dd and OH could do that and the rest of you could walk - it's a gorgeous walk and nothing like Snowdon!!

    I think the idea about everyone having their own set amount of spending money is a fantastic and inspired idea!

    When OH and I go on our self-catering holidays (usually to a gorgeous seaside hamlet just north of Berwick-upon-Tweed as I'm a wuss and hate airports) we hardly spend anything as I've got the time to do lovely picnics and the kitchen has the most beautiful sea view that I'm quite happy to potter about cooking OS food!

    Have a fantastic time.

    Julia xx
  • Newly wed - I've never found anywhere good to eat in Llandudno - we go a lot and I've only ever had mediocre meals - ok but expensive and nothing to write home about. If you find anywhere really good, please could you pm me? Julia xx
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    SS I must admit I wasn't sure about asking the question as it doesn't seem very dfw to go on holioday particularly when in debt!

    Don't be so hard on yourself,everyone needs a break from time to time and if you are going to be paying off debt for many years,like me,then it would be very unfair to deny a small holiday every now and then ;)
    I would just like to say,that we go camping to France,we find it cheaper than staying in the UK and the weather is much better.Last time we went,we took £200 spending money,we came home with £150,we only spent £50.We had a great site with 4 swimming pools,kids clubs and loads of places to cycle,we had BBQ every night and 'entertained' our camping neighbours in the evening when the kids were in bed,the only thing we spent money on was baguettes and cheese :D
    A holiday can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be,so only you will know how much spending money you will need.
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    I spent a week in a little village just outside Llanberris at christmas. But I sister lives there. So I spent....>£0!! It was fantastic. Although we did take down lots of food to eat when we were there.

    There is so much stuff to see and do round them there parts. Lots of good walks etc. Hope you all have a lovely time on your hols....I'm really jealous.

    I'm going away in December though to Canada. It's our honeymoon so we are spending a naughty amount on it, because we were given some money to be spent "on the honeymoon ONLY"! I'm very excited.
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