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Who's signing up for a "Dry January"?

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Who's signing up for a "Dry January"?

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PrimrosePrimrose Forumite
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Can we share this thread for our irritations or mood changes as the month progresses and hints on finding some suitable really nice non alcoholic alternatives? It really the most miserable month of the year to inflict this on ourselves, isn't it?


  • we are. One of the negatives about working in a supermarket is having a 10% discount on 3 ciders for a fiver or 2 x 24 cans for £18:beer:
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  • WantToBeSEWantToBeSE Forumite
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    I have been thinking about it, so I'm in!
  • PrimrosePrimrose Forumite
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    That's a big temptation to buy, isn't it? Maybe you will have to put the money saved into your son's saving's account.
  • ArtytartyArtytarty Forumite
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    Me! I find elderflower cordial with sparkling water a good alternative to mya G and T.
    Cheaper to do it this way than to buy sparkling elderflower.
    I done dry Jan . before. Seeing others glutinous overindulgence is annoying!
    I found I slept better and had more energy by week two.
    Expect a lot of stick from "friends"
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  • gettingtheresometimegettingtheresometime Forumite
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    I've given up alcohol twice now for Lent.

    Its harder if you're going out but even then all you have to say is you're on anitbiotics and then it doesn't become a big deal
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  • hazyjohazyjo Forumite
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    ME! Not doing the charity thing though, just a dry January. Decided a while back.

    Never done it. In fact, can't remember going that long without a drink - apart from when I had vertigo a couple of times.

    Jeez, it's gonna be hard lol. I like my vodka & diet coke.

    Even harder in that I have my (belated) work Christmas lunch. Mind you, after last year (I'm saying zilch), that's not such a bad thing...

    I like Shloer if that's any help to anyone. Nice sparkling alternative. The red grape is nice (better than the white grape IMO).

    Also, when I'm being good, I find it helps to eat as soon as I get home, and have a cuppa tea straight after dinner.

    I was hoping to lose weight, but have a feeling I may put on with all the eating I'll be doing instead of drinking lol.

    Good luck all!

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    dandelionclock30dandelionclock30 Forumite
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    I think drinking alcohol is rubbish and that people would be better off putting that money into other things that they will get more from.
    Have a goal regarding buying something you really want and put the money you would spend on alcohol into a savings account.
    Lime and soda is a nice refreshing drink as is lemonade, bitter lemon and tonic water. You also dont have to justify yourself to anyone. If people try to get you to drink or make nasty comments remember they are not really friends.
  • I am in! I am giving up everything bar black coffee and water - my aim is to drink three litres of water a day - done it before - I can do it again :)
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  • If you struggle to go a month without alcohol you have a problem. I go months without booze and never notice.
  • RobinetteRobinette Forumite
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    I'm in. I'm a very light drinker anyway but often ask myself why I am talked into having an occasional glass of wine when I would really prefer a soft drink. Hopefully my friends will sign up too.
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