Biomass wood pellet prices - bagged and bulk



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    The UK has a big challenge with recycling polyethylene film, most particularly in agriculture, which uses immense amounts of PE film. As Cancunia has stated, it is possible to recycle at some local household waste disposal sites.

    There is more information in the statement from the British Plastics Federation:
  • I've been buying Woodlets wood pellets from Nuergy Biomass for the past 3 years, After trying most makes of pellets I have stuck with woodlets, less sawdust in the bag and stove runs a lot cleaner. Kenny gives you the best price possible and does not hike the price during the winter, he's handy for pellet boiler information and spare parts too, stocks wood pellet stove igniters and will give you a discount on pellet boiler servicing. worth a look at Nuergy wood pellet fuel supplies
  • I also hear that there is a company in Norway developing a wood pellet bag which can be composted. will update you if I hear anymore
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    On a related subject to the biomass pellets, but nothing to do with heating etc, did you know they are exactly the same as products sold for cat litter or horse bedding, but obviously 5% VAT rather than 20% VAT, making it nearly half the price of buying if it is packaged as cat litter or bedding material.
    I have checked as many manufacturers as I can, and can not see any difference in the products, even though on their own sites they list exactly the same product as Biomass and Bedding material.

    Saved us a fortune with 2 cats, let alone if we had horses or other livestock. would be interested to see if anyone already uses it as so.

    Kindest regards
  • Is it just me or have the pellet prices started to rise sharply over the past few weeks? I bought some AKZ pellets in Oct for about £230, now I can't see them for sale and the cheapest seem (in stock) to be about £260. Maybe it's a Christmas rush that's put all the others out of stock?
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    There was a news item on about shortages, worth a look.
  • Yeah, I had a look but didn't see any details.
  • Aha, many thanks. Glad that I bought mine earlier & hopefully won't need any more until things have settled down a bit.
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    Looks like suppliers are taking advantage of the shortage of supply to up their prices significantly, my normal supplier of Brites has just increased my price by over £40.00 per tonne, so I won't be using them for the foreseeable future, also they could not tell me when they would actually be able to get them to me.

    I have managed to obtain supply from Swift Energy, still significantly more than I was paying before Christmas at £285/t after trying 6 other suppliers who are all out of stock.
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