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Preparing for Winter V



  • Nargleblast
    Nargleblast Posts: 10,762 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Post First Anniversary Debt-free and Proud!
    Ladydee New threads often get started when the old one has got over 2000 or so posts on it, and a note is usually put at the end of the old thread to let people know. I think a new thread can be a fresh start for everyone, and this thread covers all sorts of subjects on the prepping for winter theme so there is something for everyone.
    One life - your life - live it!
  • fuddle
    fuddle Posts: 6,823 Forumite
    I am on a money saving site. It's where we come to share ideas and learn new skills is it not? If I bought into everything I was interested in then I would be really very silly.

    I am a prepper. I prepare. I take responsibility for myself and I try to learn. Any information or knowledge I will absorb. It's why I use this resource and why I come back daily to this free resource.

    Again, someone who wants to steer the thread off course and spoil it for everyone.

    I do hope to read about everyone's winter prepping later because this really is tiresone now.
  • mardatha
    mardatha Posts: 15,612 Forumite
    You don't get any tar buildup if you burn coal. You just get the sweep twice a year.
  • toozie_2
    toozie_2 Posts: 3,274 Forumite
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    I'm not usually a daily paper buyer, I just but the local paper once a week.

    Yesterday I bought 2 Mirror's for the £10 off £50 spend in Aldi-not a shop I usually go to either-as there is no Aldi where I live or the town I work in...usually a Lidl shopper.

    Anyway as I'm off this week, spent £52 in Aldi yesterday, and paid £42.
    All items for store cupboard really apart from fruit & veg.

    Bought fresh-on a stick-sprouts-they are now blanched & in freezer. Also bought 2 packs of fresh cranberries (89p per pack), and have made my own cranberry sauce -which is in the freezer in pots large enough for one meal sitting.
    Never made cranberry sauce before-it was so simple, as I'm on the SW diet, this is the recipe followed.....if anyone is interested!
    2 packs cranberries-350g @89p
    boil up with 200ml of cold water

    They "pop" and go into a lovely "gloup" add sweetener to taste and the zest of 2 oranges (ate these after!!) mix well.

    Cool down-I think it can be stored in fridge for a couple of weeks, but I stored it in small pots in freezer, so I can just pull one out every time we have a Christmas/Sunday dinner.

    The £10 Aldi voucher expires next Thursday, so I will use the other one then, on beer, loo roll, ham etc, then that's me done. Apart from fresh fruit & veg before Xmas.

    Think I'll take this week off work next year again, as I seem to have got a lot done, which takes the stress out of the next few weeks.

    Cold & windy here today.
  • Mojoworking
    Thanks kittie I understand now - just being nosey now but what are the pellets. I've pushed my oh as far as I can by getting a wood burner but as others have said find this thread useful and interesting x
  • [Deleted User]
    fuddle just a quickie, my ignore list is getting longer :) not worth the aggro for genuine helper posters like you

    mojo, pellet stoves are a different thing altogether. If I were looking to add something to what you have then go for a log burner or a multi fuel. Mrslurcherwalker knows all as does mar if you want coal.

    pellet stoves are big, complicated and expensive beasts, great in our eco house but they need servicing every year and have lots of bits that could go wrong. Ours was already here. We clean it every day and give it a good clean every week. It takes 5kg of pellets a day at the moment and leaves a matchbox of ash.

    ours but ours is not remote controlled
  • Crochet_Teapot
    Black Friday encompasses everything I hate: consumerism, greed, and bad manners!

    Cleaning the kitchen today and will not be going near any shops!

    Fairly mild here today. Weather man saying this Autumn had been the 3rd mildest on record. I think we've only had 2 frosts here so far.
  • mardatha
    mardatha Posts: 15,612 Forumite
    I think I'd rather saw my leg off than go near a shop today. I'm sat at the fire ordering on amazon.
  • Frugal_Dreamer
    kittie wrote: »
    fuddle just a quickie, my ignore list is getting longer :)

    :shocked: :huh::huh::huh:
  • quidsy
    quidsy Posts: 2,181 Forumite
    think I might unsubscribe, all this passive aggressive offense taking is getting on my t!ts.
    I don't respond to stupid so that's why I am ignoring you.

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