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Preparing for Winter V



  • Broomstick
    Broomstick Posts: 1,648 Forumite
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    I posted this at the end of the last thread but I'll repost here again if that's ok.

    Originally Posted by kittie
    I get almost all of my dried wholefoods from this next site and have used them for 3 years solid. Their milk is fantastic, I am storing the whole and skimmed milks in lock and locks in the shed and use 4 1/2 flat tbs per pint of water. The skimmed milk does not have the `blue` look that you get in bottled skimmed milk. I actually make 11/2 litres at a time now and tea tastes great

    Kittie, how many tbs are there in a Kg do you reckon? I am wondering how many pints of milk I would get out of a Kg of powder.
    Many thanks
    B x
  • mardatha
    mardatha Posts: 15,612 Forumite
    I think kittie doesnt do PMs from anybody, I have tried too :)
  • Eenymeeny
    Eenymeeny Posts: 2,015 Forumite
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    Hi Kittie, I think that I got the last lighters from Wilkinsons although I see that Poundland do them complete with refill. How's that for a bargain?
    I don't bother refilling them, at that price I'd rather renew them. I find them safer to use than matches for lighting candles, especially if they're in something deep like a lantern. ;)
    I also like to think that once we reach the solstice we're heading for longer days, so even if we get snow it won't lie for so long. (I don't mind snow, it's ice that I worry about!) Maybe it's just my Pollyanna mentality but it works for me!
    The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.
    Thanks to everyone who contributes to this wonderful forum. I'm very grateful for the guidance and friendliness that I always receive from you.
    Please and Thank You are the magic words;)
  • [Deleted User]
    Thank you eenymeeny, on my list now and will get them v soon. I love the winter solstice , it always feels as though a great calmness and stillness descends on us and for me, is the real start of my winter hibernation

    I have dismantled my turkey today, not just for christmas tbh but I have changed what I eat according to the d`adamo food list for my blood type, which happens to be AB+ and the food for that type is completely different for O, which is hunter gatherer. I won`t be eating many types of meat, just lamb, mutton and turkey and dh can have all kinds of meat. I had to cut out buckwheat, which I did and I was eating lots, well my tummy has gone flatter and it has def had a good effect

    Stove cleaning today and decided to use spray on a sponge, carefully, to start to remove built up tar. It is making an amazing difference, I have been back and forth to the sink umpteen times and did 2 hours today. Will do more in a few days as only half done. It will make the stove much more efficient at heating the water. The spray softens the tar and then I used loads of wrung out cloth as water does the rest. Stove now fired up and no smell or anything so am v happy if tired
  • BritishBibliophile
    Just a thought that I had today, had to go to the dentist today as I thought I'd lost a filling. Turns out I'd only lost part of it, but he decided to remove what was left and then refill it.

    It turned out that there was quite a bit of decay under the filling :( So I had more work done than anticipated. BUT even though I'm now miserable as sin I'm glad I got it done because chances are that if I'd ignored it, I could have ended up with a toothache over the Christmas holidays when no dental surgeries are open, thanks to the underlying decay. Alternatively if it snows you may find you've got a tooth problem but can't get out to see someone.

    SO if you've been putting off getting a check-up then I highly suggest that you sort one out now, before the season of lots of chocolate!
  • calicocat
    calicocat Posts: 5,698 Forumite
    First Anniversary Name Dropper First Post Chutzpah Haggler
    Plenty of candles.......tick.
    Snow shovels.......tick
    Emergency snow shovel for car...tick
    Torches charged or about to be......tick
    Xmas booze in......tick...:D.

    Need to get more bulbs...fuses just in case.
    Need to sort out freezer and get in a few bits and bobs.

    Cleaned top to toe bathroom and kitchen....tick.
    Decorations etc for table organised for xmas.....tick
    Most xmas pressies...tick.

    Wood for chimenea in in case of leccy or gas off...tick.
    Outside light sorted....tick.

    Need to get some extra tins in and dry foods just in case of snow (well I probably don't actually but know I will anyhow).

    Need to get de-icers etc in.
    Need to get tyres checked.
    Heating service.....tick.

    Sorry that's so unorganised a list, have written it as I was thinking....obviously...:rotfl:

    I wish I was off to Germany for xmas markets etc...sounds Fab, have a lovely time.
    Yep...still at it, working out how to retire early.:D....... Going to have to rethink that scenario as have been screwed over by the company. A work in progress.
  • Nargleblast
    Nargleblast Posts: 10,762 Forumite
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    I couldn't send a private message maybe because I'm on the ignore list:o.

    Anyway, here is what I wanted to say....

    Sorry. Didn't mean to upset you or stop you from posting. Please do continue to post. We can agree to disagree on all things weather-related!!

    Could someone make sure kittie reads she won't see it because of the ignore.

    Season of Goodwill to all men.....and women

    Passing on a message.

    The news today about that poor young cricketer dying from a fluke accident .....we should all count our blessings and make the most of each moment, as none of us knows for certain what lies ahead.
    One life - your life - live it!
  • [Deleted User]
    I am posting, of course I am, I have been posting for 9 years and have made almost 9000 posts but never again about the weather to come, sorry folks, that was spoilt for everyone.

    Believe me I count my blessings all the time, that is how I live hence my love of sharing
  • CH27
    CH27 Posts: 5,531 Forumite
    kittie wrote: »
    I am posting, of course I am, I have been posting for 9 years and have made almost 9000 posts but never again about the weather to come, sorry folks, that was spoilt for everyone.

    Believe me I count my blessings all the time, that is how I live hence my love of sharing

    You are in danger of cutting your nose off to spite your face.
    Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.
  • greywitch
    i love the winter solstice too being pagan that the day i celebrate with like minded friends and christmas day is for family
    never been to xmas fair in germany but sound wonderfull one too put on my wish list
    have now got hopefully enought wood for burner too last quite a while but must get some more coal
    tried some sloe gin i made last year lovely!:p
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