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Preparing for Winter V

edited 11 October 2017 at 1:35PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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    It's starting to feel like a witch hunt, why not just wait and see what does happen, then anyone who needs to can feel smug or not as the case may be when the snow does or doesn't happen. Me? well I'm going to Berlin just before Christmas because I KNOW they'll have snow, lots of wonderful dry powdery snow that you can stay upright on if you have the right boots, and I do, and temperatures of -20 and below and white lights and bratwurst and gluhwein and if we DO get snow here? well hopefully all of us who have seen the sense in being prepared will be ready won't we?
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    eenymeeny, where can you buy those cooker lighters? Do you fill them from a canister or are they disposable. I could with adding some to my preps as I only have matches

    Thank goodness for genuine lovely kind people. The man who came to look at the flue today spent quite a time re-building it and the stove is now on. He didn`t ask for much money so I gave him some extra, he was so so nice and meticulous, a real find

    I used to make those bags to sell on ebay. Easy to make from wheat grain and some lavender flowers and sometimes I used to add hops. I put the mix in a bag and again into another bag with hand stitching that anyone could loosen for washing. They are great made as small sachets, from hops and lavender, to put on a pillow
  • kittie wrote: »
    lovely new thread

    and HERE WE GO AGAIN. Go on spoil it for everyone, please be my guest

    Did I mention your name? No

    You seem to take offense very easily if someone puts up a robust argument against your point of view. Sorry I didn't realize we weren't suppose to disagree with you.
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    PEACE my children, calmness and tolerance all round might be a very good thing?

    Each is entitled to their own opinion, and we don't all have to agree but it would be nice to think we could be civil when disagreeing with each other and actually listen instead of instant hackle raising wouldn't it?

    Harmony is ALWAYS nicer than discord, so peace amongst us please.
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    I have just worked out how to add to an ignore list, always been empty until today. :)

    got to stay logged on but that isn`t a problem . The green light will be permanently on
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    Got a few days off work this week.
    I've just rescued all my "bought through the year when on sale" Christmas presents hidden in many corners of the house.
    I intended to just to check them against the list I make when I buy them-and who they are going to.

    But....needed to wrap 2 as I won't be seeing part of the family after this coming Sunday.......I ended up wrapping them all:j:j
    Also ordered 2 last ones from Amaxon on my Free Prime trail-which will be cancelled next month.

    Just need to put money/voucher in 3 gift cards, and that's me done, so there certainly won't be any shopping going on here in December other than groceries-well fresh stuff as I have a very well stocked store cupboard & freezer.

    The car is ready, the presents are ready, our winter wear is ready, we are draft proofed and I'm feeling quite smug........sorry to boast ....but it's the only place I can do it!!:beer:

    Here's a BIG THANK YOU to all who contribute, with idea's, help, information, pre-warnings, and those why try and help novices -such as me!
    What will be...will be......but if we're not caught short it makes our lives much easier......well my life will be easier and if I'm in control, I can help family and friends around me that may not be as prepared for what is to come.....or not to doesn't matter........?????
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    Oh please stop all this back and forth 'posting' it is getting tiresome.

    Perhaps I should keep quiet as I don't often post on this thread, but I do read daily and have gleaned a lot of information from the board, so thank you for all the information/chat giving tips and advice.
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  • Well done toozie! Can you come and sort me out please? :rotfl:
    Freezer still not got space for any Christmassy stuff - I despair.
    So many jobs I would have liked to have done for winter but physically unable this year.
    Still not many weeks now till the longest night and then we can start Preparing for Spring:D
    Gotta stay positive!!!
    Not dim ;) .....just living in soft focus :p
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    It's not been too cold here today, but it is wet, & I came home to find DS1 upstairs in his room, lovely & cosy with the curtains drawn & a candle burning (playing computer games because he's got time off work but all his friends are still at work/college ;-) ). But the rest of the house looked dark & folorn with no curtains drawn or blinds down. I'm going to plug a nightlight into a timer switch in the hallway so that won't be so dark when we come in. I'm tempted to leave the curtains shut since it's still dark when we leave & dark again when we get back, but then any condensation will just stay trapped on the window.
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    It's me, DS1 (24), DS2 (16), and the lurcher.
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    I'm not fueling a feud and I WILL NOT take sides in a disagreement so I'm not passing comment. This thread is for winter preparedness, it's a jolly useful tool in that field and has and will help many folks to cope with bad weather disruptions so for all our sakes let's push on with the prepping and keep to the spirit of this thread.
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