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Preparing for Winter V



  • peony40
    peony40 Posts: 655 Forumite
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    Mrs LW, what a lovely post, I can just imagine the joy of all on seeing the reindeer with zebra.

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  • greenbee
    greenbee Posts: 16,298 Forumite
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    Doveling wrote: »
    Thanks for the new thread :).
    So paper spills and kindling or firelighters? Which do you find best or is it wise to have some of each?

    I have long matches, spills, kindling and the woodshaving and wax firelighters (flamers?). I moved to firelighters rather than paper as a. I don't buy newspapers so never had them in and b. it doesn't fill the grate up with ash. My kindling is broken up fence panels... it burns beautifully :D
    We've just had one of those little notices through the door with the telephone number to contact in event of a power cut and our supplier is Scottish and Southern Energy.
    We haven't had them :'( But then I guess there's no need to put them out here, we all know the number off by heart ... :cool:
  • nursemaggie
    nursemaggie Posts: 2,608 Forumite
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    Doveling you don't need to get a plastic jug from a charity shop you should find one in somewhere like Wilkinson/Wilko for less than 50p. I would not put it past the big charities to charge £1 for a second hand one. I often see things in CS for more than they were new. They ignore you if you tell them too.
  • fuddle
    fuddle Posts: 6,823 Forumite
    Yes, we did too Lyn. It's on the notice board but as I pinned the details from SSE I thought I have never had anything like that and it set my cynicism into full swing... or was that paranoia.

    So lovely to read of your joy in sharing your zebra christmas experiences. Your joy will have been infectious ;):)
  • Eenymeeny
    Eenymeeny Posts: 2,015 Forumite
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    Smeeth, thanks for the warning on heatbags. I'll bear it in mind. I just meant that clamminess that occurs when you first heat them. I find the cotton ones dry quickly but I once had a fleece one which was yuck!
    You're right about taking care. I once spoke to a lady who'd burnt her mattress by overheating one. Fortunately, she'd put it in the bed to pre-warm and hadn't put her feet on it!
    Hi-vis jacket, good idea! OH used to use one for work, it must be here somewhere....
    Talking emergency toilets... OH keeps a screw top container in the car at all times. (Well marked!) He used to be a driver and he says that it's been a life saver on many occasions! Sorry, too much information I know. ;)
    Thanks for the info on the Christmas Markets Mrs LW. I'd love to go some time and your tips are very helpful. (At the risk of going off thread, you haven't been to Munster by any chance have you?)
    The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.
    Thanks to everyone who contributes to this wonderful forum. I'm very grateful for the guidance and friendliness that I always receive from you.
    Please and Thank You are the magic words;)
  • [Deleted User]
    amazon do a very good winter set for the car, ours came last week. I can`t put the link but it is called
    AA car essentials winter car kit with folding shovel. It costs £15

    high viz vest
    foil blanket
    and it comes in a very neat zipped bag

    excellent value and quality. Ours is now in the car
  • mardatha
    mardatha Posts: 15,612 Forumite
    Is just this one fuddle - but I only watch the Scottish forum. They tend to be quite good at forecasting;
  • [Deleted User]
    Sorry EENYMEENY not been to Munster, when we lived in germany we were near to Frankfurt . I only know Berlin so well because DD and I have been so often, love the place to bits, it's an amazing city.
  • calicocat
    calicocat Posts: 5,698 Forumite
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    I used to work in a garden centre that had reindeer in at xmas. They were mainly very grumpy and aggressive to be honest, other than the young ones....

    Really funny watching the manager trying to put the feed in for them though....they usually tried to attack him, so other staff were drafted to the area at feeding time to 'distract' then whilst he went into the enclosure......which then gradually deteriorated into him having to just fling the food in over the fence....:rotfl:

    To be fair though, I think they were particularly aggressive that year as there was a young one too and so protecting it. I did think it was a silly idea having a baby in too.

    When no-one else was around though one of them would let me stroke it......sometimes.....:D.

    It's starting to get a bit chillier here now (northeast coast)...but still good for the time of year. i'm going to see if I can keep the heating when on at 18 or under as read somewhere that is the best temp to stay healthy over the clue if it's true or not....and Asbo-cat not majorly impressed.

    No prepping done today as on my shifts....might make a list of what to do tonight for my days off.
    Yep...still at it, working out how to retire early.:D....... Going to have to rethink that scenario as have been screwed over by the company. A work in progress.
  • smeeth
    smeeth Posts: 578 Forumite
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    Insulation, smeeth - thick curtains, draught excluders. Lots of layers of warm clothing. Hot drinks and warming stews etc. When the light fades draw curtains shut to keep heat in. There are so.many things you can do to.keep warm. Does he get the Winter Fuel payment?

    Thanks Nargleblast unfortunately even after all that he's still getting cold, apparently a stroke can do that though. He is supposed to get it, don't think it will go far, but better than nothing :o
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