Money Moral Dilemma: Should Gordon pay to have Tony's eggs?



  • TonyB
    TonyB Posts: 172 Forumite
    Reminds me of a bloke in Leeds who kept hens in his garden. One day a new neighbour moved in and turned out to be some sort of immigrant. No real matter, but when the hen owner found his hens had laid an egg next door he was round in a flash demanding return of the egg.
    After knocking on the door and making the request hewas told "No"!!
    His response was to educate his new neighbour that in this country when such a dispute occurs then we have a special course of action to decide who owns the item.
    Oh said his neighbour, what is this, I'm new to this country and don't know of this??
    Well, it' a matter of each party to kick the other in the "nuts" as hard as possible and the one who stays down longest loses.
    O.K. said the neighbour lets give it a go, who goes first?
    As the accuser I do said the chiken man, all right?
    Fine get on with it then and immediatelly receive one heck of a kick to his crown jewels! He was obviously floored & grovelling in pain on the ground for quite a while. When he stood up he said "Right it's my turn now"
    To which the hen man turned away saying " Oh never mind, keep the blooming egg!!!!!!!"
  • JayD
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    Well, whoever owns the inadequate fence, (and I know from experience that this is not necessarily the same as the owner of the boundary), they should fix it.

    But even if Tony doesn't own the fence, he is responsible for keeping his chickens on his side of it - and he should ensure that they are not trespassing on his neighbours property (and possibly causing damage there).

    However, I also believe that Gordon has no right to eat the eggs. Just as I can legally cut down any branches that overhang my garden from my neighbours but I am then legally obliged to return those branches to them.

    So, I say that Gordon should tell Tony to keep his chickens on his side of the boundary by whatever means are necessary and he should return any eggs he finds.

    How does Tony know what eggs Gordon is finding and eating anyway?

    As with all these 'dilemmas', there is bound to be an amicable way of sorting this out. With the right approach I am sure Tony can be persuaded to fence the chickens in properly and to sell the occasional egg surplasses to Gordon at a neighbourly rate too.
  • Ljooba
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    Of course Gordon should not pay! He could offer an egg or two to Tony, though, cuz those eggs wouldn't be so yummie if it wasn't for Gordons good care and food for his chickens :)
  • ooohshiny
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    If I were Gordon, I'd tell Tony I was more than happy to start paying for said eggs, as soon as he had installed a suitable fence or pen for the chickens. Up until then, if he wanted to pusue it further, I'd deduct the standard cost of a free range egg from his bill - for an hourly rate for my time, clearing up after the chickens, making repairs etc. including cost of materials - each time I ate an egg.

    If somebody feels the need to be petty about things they can bring it on, I've got more petty than you can shake a shiny stick at... ^_^;
  • Eggs? What eggs? ;)
  • - Next time the dog escapes, dump him at a small, obscure animal shelter further than you would expect the dog to have gone (i.e. next county or further). Then the dog either doesn't get claimed and gets a better home, or your neighbour has the hassle and expense of retrieving it.
    I think you'll find a "better home" in this instance would be Doggie Heaven, as unclaimed dogs who can not be rehoused quickly usually get put down. So, this is one solution that probably has a bit too much of the "final solution" for most people. ;)
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