Money Moral Dilemma: Should Gordon pay to have Tony's eggs?

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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Should Gordon pay to have Tony's eggs?

Recently retired, Tony has started to keep chickens, allowing them to run free in his back yard. He mostly eats the eggs himself, but sometimes sells them. However, a couple of the chickens have developed a penchant for nipping over the low fence and nesting in his neighbour Gordon’s garden before returning to Tony’s for their feed. Gordon's started eating these yummy, big eggs as they're laid in his garden, but Tony says he should pay for them.
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  • V_Chic_Chick
    V_Chic_Chick Posts: 2,441 Forumite
    I raise chickens myself, and although I don't free range them (they have a large pen in my garden), I know many people who do.

    Any chicken keeper worth their salt knows that chickens do not see the boundaries of their garden as the same as the boundaries of their range. Chickens running off and laying eggs elsewhere is a perpetual problem, and they are incredibly adept at hiding their nests within their owners own gardens, so much so that I have heard of nests containing forty or more eggs before they are found.

    Given that said chickens are probably having some food to eat whilst they are over there and creating dustbathes in the flower beds, destroying the grass and generally making a mess of Gordon's garden (chickens are unbelievably destructive when it comes to greenery), then Tony should accept that if he wants Gordon to pay for the eggs, then he should have to pay for the damage to the garden.

    Of course, this could all be avoided by raising the height of the fence to at least six or seven feet and clipping their wings to stop them flying over, or just give them their own area of Tony's garden to roam in, properly fenced in, or them simply coming to a compromise over it, and letting things stay as they are, after all, neighbourly relations are IMHO a lot more important than a few quid a year.
  • nej
    nej Posts: 1,526 Forumite
    Gordon should not pay for the eggs. If Tony doesn't want them escaping, he needs better fencing.
  • irishwench69
    irishwench69 Posts: 807
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    V Chic Chick and nej are right - there are wrongs on both sides, so if Tony was to charge Gordon for the eggs, he might end up stumping more on the fence, damage to garden etc.....

    Also might lose goodwill between him and Gordon too - maybe not such a problem, if a real-life example is to be believed ;):p

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  • matty69_2
    matty69_2 Posts: 44 Forumite
    If Tony makes him pay and subsequently Gordon develops Salmonella, as the supplier, Tony would be liable for all kinds of claims....I say let Gordon have the eggs and the salmonella for free :o)
  • Epiphone
    Epiphone Posts: 223 Forumite
    Eat the chickens. Problem solved.
  • Errata
    Errata Posts: 38,230
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    If I were him I'd sue the little cluckers for trespass.
    .................:)....I'm smiling because I have no idea what's going on ...:)
  • freebird65
    freebird65 Posts: 1,751
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    Epiphone wrote: »
    Eat the chickens. Problem solved.

    :rotfl: :rotfl:

    ROFLMAO! But seriously, if the chicken's are going to get into next door's garden then why should the neighbours pay for the eggs? As already mentioned, Mr Chicken-Keeper should ensure they stay where they are meant to, or be prepared to also pay for any mess/destruction/whatever caused by said clucky creatures.
  • pinkvixen
    pinkvixen Posts: 39
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    Not only should Gordon pay for the eggs but Tony should also pay tax on the ones he sells!
  • Payment for the eggs should go to the chickens, not to their capitalist master.
  • aubergine
    aubergine Posts: 51 Forumite
    It would only be reasonable for Gordon to pay for the eggs if Tony paid rent for the use of his garden.
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