So stoozing sounds such a good idea. I have a lot of expenditure coming up, halifax offer a O% purchase credit card! what could be simpler?

Well first, despite having more than one account with halifax, they nevertheless want me to go through all the money laundering palaver, all over again. This may be because they have somehow wiped my address off my accounts, and when they try to reinstate it computer says no. Apparently branch staff can only alter addresses if there is one to alter. Filling in blank fields takes some spotty adolescent at head office.

So ok we do all this. It takes ages but it gets done and my shiny new card finally arrives. It has the credit limit I requested. More than enough for my needs. I jump through a mini hoop to activate it. And this morning I sit down to order my nice new furniture. Only to have the card declined by halifax. Good thing I didn't order in store or I would have been totally humiliated.

And of course it being Sunday there seems to be no way to contact the swear word bank to find out what has gone wrong. And the website only has a phone number rather than an email, and no indication of whether it is staffed on a Sunday. So the only way I can get rid of my frustration is to vent it on you lot.

Stoozing isn't quite as straightforward as it seems :(


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