MSE News: Energy comparison sites hide cheap tariffs, but we don't

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    There is no 'best' as it depends on your usage.

    Whether we use 3000 kwh per year or 9000 kwh the same suppliers come up in the same order.

    You can reduce that to 500 kwh and only then do you have a different winner, run that upto 2000 and it's marginal and more down to who you want to go with rather than saving money.

    I've changed it to 15000 kwh, 30000 kwh and 50000 kwh that juggles the pack slightly but EE are still the cheapest every time.

    Who uses 30/50000 kwh per year, hash growers maybe
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    Ok then. I have been with EDF for the past 18 months now. Whilst new slightly cheaper options have come up - which they email me about - for me, the projected savings of a few pounds at most per month are not worth changing for.

    Their online account management works well and I can change tariff internally whenever I like - which I have done a few times now.

    So, for my usage, EDF works well for me. Unless someone else comes along that offers a saving of at least £10 a month with no exit fees I will stick with them.
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    After a number of tortuous years with the Monster that is Npower ..

    Finally jumping Ship ,, ExtraEnergy seems to appear as the tops in possible savings for our yearly usage..

    But just because I've got the time I've popped the same figures for usage into a number of Switching sites and also on the Actual Websites for the top few price saving companies.

    And the savings amount are all over the place, the only constant is the switching sites seem to show much higher figures than the company sites
    I've been given saving from £100 to £307 just for Extra Energy ? .
    Do we take these figures with the salty pinch..
    I remember the last time we switched to NP.. the promised savings never appeared . the costs actually went up a bit ! :(
    Why ?. ;)

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