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Don't Panic!



  • Calling14
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    Just had a read of your diary. Enjoy comic con, worry about money next week .
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  • October_Starter
    Thanks Monz, Thanks Calling :)

    Keeping cheerful :rotfl: <--- love this smiley!

    October xx
  • Aloofdragon
    Hiyas have a wonderful weekend and like others have said think about work next week xx
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  • System
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    Enjoy Comic-Con!

    If you're really worried why don't you pop to your local supermarket and get some snacky foods that you can take with you to Comic-Con? Treat yourself to a nice dinner but I'm sure you could rustle something up to have for lunch whilst there and breakfast items to tide you over - expos are notorious for high-priced food as you have nowhere else to go!
  • System
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    edited 22 October 2014 at 4:31PM
    "My mum only lives on her state pension and pension credits so she doesnt pay any rent. She tries to help me out though by giving me a small sum of money every month."

    Also, have you been to the benefits office at your mum's local council? We recently did this with my grandparents as they had previously seemed to do ok managing their own finances. With the addition of home visit-carer's in their care plan we finally convinced them we need to manage their finances just a bit externally to ensure they are receiving correct amounts. They had missed out on literally THOUSANDS of pounds and many of the benefits they were entitled to were back-dated upon a claim. Seems an obvious thing to do but I've spoken to several people who haven't done this. Don't ask, don't get when it comes to the system!
  • please-let-me-be-lucky
    Found your diary!!

    Work sounds awful. Big hugs for that Hun. I know it's non MSE thinking, but it sounds like being made redundant from that may actually be a good thing! I know it's scary to have to find something else and start afresh, but seriously, can it be any worse?!

    Enjoy comic-con, and I agree with the suggestion of taking your own drinks and snacks. Sounds like you and OH will benefit from having relaxation time together after working so had.

    Great suggestion re sauceoclock from your Mum too. As you are actually her landlord to some degree, should she not be getting some kind of housing benefit?

    Lucky Xx
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  • October_Starter
    Hey Lucky and Sauceoclock :wave:

    I am pretty sure mum can't get benefits simply because she is renting from me. If she was renting from anyone but a spouse or family member it would be ok but as I am her daughter they think that between us we should have it covered or I should be living there. Same as me trying to get Housing Ben for my renting down here. I have a perfectly good house to live in, so I should either live in it or rent it out.

    A lot of my friends think I am crazy for letting my mum live there without paying any rent but my mum housed me up until I was 30 and she got me through some seriously tough times where I restricted her so much. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and they started very badly when I was 11. I clung to my mum like glue. She couldnt leave me even for a day without me having a meltdown. I was terrified of doctors so we couldnt go and seek medical advice or get medication. Between us we managed to make me into the confident woman I am today but if it wasn't for her sacrifices and help I would never have made it. I don't think anyone who hasnt had some form of Mental Health issue could understand how hard it is on everyone involved. I am so proud of myself for coming through it without taking medication and I thank my mum for a lot of that. So I tell my friends, I wont be charging her rent unless I have to and I definitely wont make her move out.

    It is a shame. One good thing is she doesn't have to pay council tax on the property as she is on her own and on pension credits. :)

    I am positive something will turn up and Lucky you are so right. The company is awful and even today I have been moaned at for the way I have booked my holiday. By Friday I will have worked 42hours in four days. My contract is 37.5. I had to book holiday to insure I could have the weekend off because according to them I should be working it as we are short staffed. I cant afford to keep spending my holiday on three day weekends that I should be entitled to have off anyway. I was a little cheeky and put 2.5hr per day so that I had the weekend off but only used one days holiday. My boss had a go at me, even when I explained why. She then implied that the staffing problems were my fault!! Nightmare company. Been very difficult not to get very upset today. OH is working nearby so we are going home together. Was tempted to go find him for a cuddle but I dont like disturbing him when he is working.

    Good grief. Sorry for the ranting again!! All positive though. Going to enjoy comic con this weekend and then I am going to go full steam into job hunting, slimming and E B of Aing!! :)

    October xx
  • Bubblesmum
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    My last job was a mental health employment advisor... I often said to clients, that if they didn 't /couldn't go down the harrassment route - get out.

    Redundancy may just be the new beginning you need... What do you do? What would you love to do?

    Love Mrs B

    Ps I have subscribed :T
    As a dear MSE friend says “keep plodding” or
    What does the saying say.... When life hands you lemons, crack open the Gin......
    Or as my Mum would instil, brush yourself down, tomorrow is another day or
    Fake it, to you Make It

  • October_Starter
    Thanks Bubblesmum.

    At the moment I would happily stack shelves in a supermarket just to have a rest from all the stress this job has given me. Unfortunately they do not pay anywhere near what I need to earn to pay my outgoings. I am in hope that I will find something and I have a good CV and plenty of experience in various fields so just need to knuckle down and find something :)

    It is so nice to be able to put this all down and not bottle it all up. I am hoping when I am in a better situation I can look back at these posts and see how far I have come. Early days but I am determined to stay positive and keep moving forward.

    It is lovely to have you lovely people joining me in my journey. I am slowly reading all your diaries. It just takes me a while to get up to date with so many pages! :rotfl:

    October xx
  • System
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    Sometimes these diaries can really give a boost when you're feeling a bit hopeless! As I read them I see everyone has times where they're struggling but most come out of it debt free and so much happier!

    Completely understand why you're letting your Mum live in your house, I would do the same for my parents. It's just so unfortunate that you're paying rent AND mortgage. Keep plugging away at the applications and things will start to look more positive each day.
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