Don't Panic!

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    Not sure I have any useful advice for you but wanted to send you a hug.

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    Sending you hugs......

    I think if you're OH is prepared to help out for a while, maybe that is a good thing....after all it should give you time to recharge your batteries whilst you decide what you really want to do.

    I've been in the position where work has been so awful I would have taken any opportunity to escape, and as a result have made some not so good decisions!

    You could take a job with for example Mr A that would help you bring some money in, and then start looking afresh when you are recharged?

    Whatever you decide, take your time and think about what is best for you.

    Linkypie xx
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    Keep plodding & remember~~It starts with you,it starts from now.
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    ***Keep plodding***
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    Aww Thank you everyone!! I'm so touched by all of your care. Beanielou.. I love your little mantra of "Keep Plodding". It brings a smile everytime I see it, not just on my diary but anyones. I am doing just that. :)

    Bear, ty. Hugs are always greatfully received, even virtual ones :)

    And ty Linkypie too. I appreciate your comments and you are totally right, I know this is an opportunity in my life and I need to really make the most of it.

    I think I feel the negative emotions because I am tired. I never feel like I have time to really sit and think and work out what I want to do. As you know I work long hours and my days off are crazy busy. I try to get everything done in the flat as well as shopping, socialising and then eventually flake out. Doesnt make for good thinking time or job hunting!

    Got the next two days though so hoping to get on and do some productive things. I am mostly up together on household chores except washing.. (What is it with washing.. it's like there is a washing monster who fills the laundry basket everytime I think I've emptied it..)

    Anyway.. Thank you again. I feel a lot more positive and I know I will find a solution to my issues!

    October xx
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    Thinking of you! Xx
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  • Hi there, you sound like you are getting a lucky escape from that awful place of work, every person I know who has been made redundant has come out in a better place eventually, it all about your attitude to it. You have a lot on your plate at the moment, so take your time, do something you love doing and get every bit of help you can, you sound like a lovely person, you have a lucky mum and oh x
    Because someone we love is in Heaven There is a little piece of Heaven in our Home :A

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    As an outsider, it's easy to say cut and run. It does sound from what you've written on here that getting out would be for the best, however only you truly know what is best for you.

    Why not start with a for and against list? Stay vs leave.

    How long would your redundancy carry you for?

    Speaking as someone who changed from a stressed out bank manager to an (equally stressed but for different reasons!) colleague at Mr A's I really recommend it. You also get 10% off your shopping all year and 20% on double discount days :p, so that boosts your wages too.

    Above all though, keep communicating on here. It's an invaluable tool to vent/ask advice/cheer yourself up etc.

    Hugs Xx
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  • I'm not sure I have anything productive to add, but *massive hugs*, "All Shall Be Well; And All Shall Be Well; And All Manner of Things Shall Be Well", and "don't let the B****rds grind you down! (All things I've had drummed into me!)

    I know it's tough, redundancy, reshuffles etc etc SUCK. Often those being made redundant can do really well out of stuff though. We had some redundancies here in Feb/March, I wasn't one of them, but every single colleague who was went onto much bigger and better things, and managed to come out significantly on top of those of us who stayed. At the time it was terrifying, but I kinda wish I'd also been given that shove (in a way)...

    I think you're doing fab xx
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    Hi Everyone :wave:

    Well what a spendy but lovely two days. My DM went home this morning but spent the last two days with her, OH and XN. On Tuesday DM and I went out shopping and I treated her to lunch. It was all you can eat chinese for £4.95 each. Not too bad but drinks were pricey at £2.20 each. Total came to £14.30. I was naughty and bought a couple of things for my flat. Some cleaner and a doorbell!! We dont have one and being a first floor flat, we dont always hear people knocking. If I move I will be taking it with me ;) Bought lott0 tickets too.. Got to be in it to win it! Total for the day was a whopping £35.79! However, DM bought me some desperately needed new boots and some household stuff so much appreciated.

    Wednesday, we met OH from work and DM, XN, OH and I went to T0by Carvery. I had a 20% off voucher so even though we all had Carvery (5.99 each, £1.50 extra for OH who had a large one) and we shared puddings. The bill for OH and I only came to £15.00. It was pretty much £10.00 off the bill! It was a lovely lunch though and was so nice to enjoy time with family. My DM really likes my OH so much she gave him a hug goodbye and invited him up for xmas :T

    Going to have to have a tight week as I am over my budget for this week. Hope to have NSDs for the rest of the week but not sure how that will go. I need milk today and probably more bread but that should hopefully see me through to Sunday and I have the rest of my budget from last week for the overspends.

    I am just going to try my best and then start focusing on job hunting and dieting next week. Ohh that is something you lovely people can help me with. There is an offer on Group0n. £14.50 for 3 months subscription to WWatchers online. Should I sign up or try and go it alone with my free fitne55pal?

    October xx
  • You're not going to get more support from WW online than you will on mfp, so just go for the free option. Mfp is lovely in anycase!
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