Ketone Slim XT - Avoid!

I *stupidly* ordered a trial of Ketone Slim XT - it was late at night, and I saw some 'reviews' (which on further research appear to be paid advertisement articles) and thought - yeah ok for the sake of £4.95 I'll give it a go. I immediately realised how stupid I was when the terms and conditions popped up after submitting card details and saw that they will charge £90 after the 14 day free trial. (and also that if these really worked they wouldn't need to use these forms of advertising/ I would know about it etc etc)

Once I had realised this I emailed them straight away and said I had changed my mind and no longer want to continue with the trial. I actually sent two emails and didn't receive a response to either. I wish I had followed up and made sure this had been actioned now!

I saw a pending 'card not present' transaction on my bank account today of £90 from Ketone and called them straight away - they said my trial had not been cancelled and as the 14 days expired yesterday that there was nothing they could do, however no more money will be charged to my account.

I called my bank (Lloyds), who were extremely helpful and will be refunding the £90 (as I have written to Ketone and cancelled within the 14 days) and they will now monitor my account for any further transactions from Ketone.

I read through the t&cs today in regards to cancellation and found some conflicting info. One part says you must 'contact' their customer support, the next section says you must 'call'.

I should add that I haven't even opened the bottle, as I imagined that I may need to return etc. It looks like I will need to return from the t&cs.

My questions are - if the t&cs are conflicting, will I be ok with having emailed them? and question 2 - As the bank have now cancelled the transaction how likely are ketone to come after me for £90 anyway, especially if I return a full, unopened bottle of the tablets.

*lesson learnt*

Thanks in advance for responses :)


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    There are a number of other threads on Ketone variations - probably all from the same company and certainly all operating the same way with "free" trials that turn out to be anything but.

    Glad you got your money back. Some don't, or at least not all of it.
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    just hecked my bank account for balance and notice £92.78 taken by Keytone immediately phoned them as I had only takenb up the trial offer of £2.95 &£3,95 for keytone slim and prime cleanser.

    spoke to Janet who explained as I has]d not cancelled within 14 dAYS they had taken the shipping . I explained I had only signed up for the trial offer as above. She offer me half of my money back but said that was not good enough so again spoke to supervisor.
    I have to return products for a refund within 30 days and she has cancelled another £89.00 which she says was coming out of my account tomorrow. so will wait to see if the money gets returned then i will change my debit card

    just to add I am fuming
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    Hi Robbie,

    I managed to get this sorted by calling my bank and told them it was an unauthorised transaction. They did this on the basis that I had cancelled in writing within the 14 days - this may be worth a try for you? They can also put a stop on any future transactions from Ketone rather than you having to change your card.

    If you are returning the tablets make sure you get the returns address and authorisation code to send with it. It says in their terms and conditions that they will not accept any returns without an RMA (I think its RMA). When I was on the phone to them I requested to have these details sent to me - this info surprisingly never arrived so I still have the unopened bottle in my drawer! Not had any further attempts to take the money.

    Make sure you give your bank a call to see if they can help in any way.

    Good Luck - hope this works out for you.
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    arunyazin wrote: »
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    What on earth does this all mean?
    I'd rather be an Optimist and be proved wrong than a Pessimist and be proved right.
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    Looks like its an attempt at a sales pitch.

  • I too have been mislead with this product. Total SCAM!!!!

    I saw the advert on FB and thought this sounded a really good way of losing weight and I signed up for my free trial run with Ketone Slim. I ticked on the terms and conditions not realising that you had to cancel withinin 14 days if this and this wasn't the product for me (I have not lost weight like they claim you do!! I thought see how I go, give it a trial run for 1 month. Ketone Slim sent me the product again, through the post, after 1 month trial - which I never ordered!!! To my avail and disbelief they deducted £92.78 for Ketonexs and £89.47 for xpurify. I couldn't believe what they charged me for this product, I'm totally outraged - I rang the company Tele 029 2168 0129 (UK) and they told me that I signed up for this and ticked on the Terms Conditions and should have cancelled within the 14 days. I said I want a total refund and I will send the product back. They said to me I could not do this, but would refund me £90 in the next 2 days and send me an email verifying this (I have heard nothing).

    The next steps you need to do:-

    Inform your Bank ASAP. Cancel you credit card and issue a new one. Make sure you speak to Fraud Team/lost or stolen card Dept!. They will issue you with a new card.

    Email the company, Ketone Slim, saying that you have been mislead, asking for a total refund back into your account and an explanation (I wrote on Sunday 30/11/2014 and I have not had a reply) and probably never will!!

    Keep a copy of your email you have sent them (as proof). Take copies of the Despatch Note.

    Send your Ketone Products back (unopened), Delivery Notes and Email you sent them, back to the company i.e. Healthy Nutrition ltd, 196 Caerphilly Road, Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales, CF14 4NR, UK. Make sure you send it Recorded Delivery.

    This is now in the hands of my Bank, Fraud Team, they told me to keep all the evidence, stating that you did not want the product. I have got to check my bank account within 10 days. If it is not refunded I have got to refer back to my bank. It is in the hands of them now to get my money back and investigate the matter further.

    Good luck. Hope we all get our money back. Will keep you informed. let me know if any of you guys have had a total refund or any monies back??

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    Also I fell for it and ordered Keytone Slim XT and Cleanseprem; when I received the email of what I thought of their products I could not be bothered to reply so just deleted it; then I was charged over £90 for Keytone and over £80 for Cleanseprem.

    I was seething and phoned them, threatening court, media, Martin Lewis etc. I must say she was very calm and friendly and told me it was in the small print. Small print should be large print!.
    She told me to send the bottles back, empty or not. So I sent 2 empty bottles back..!! How stupid is that?? And asked for a proof of posting.

    One week later heard nothing, phoned again and a calm and friendly man told me they had not received the bottles (the Post Office is pretty reliable these days) and did I send these by registered post? No, I didn't as I was not told to the previous week!

    Because I got really angry again, as well as threatened them, he said 'alright alright, I'll refund you the money - minus £10 per bottle' which I accepted (I suppose I should have replied to that email) and received the money into my account yesterday. Phew.... when will I ever learn?!

    I still take the tablets - after all I paid for these - and haven't lost an ounce...


    What they are doing is unethical.

    The telephone number I phoned was 020 3695 3806. I also informed my bank who won't let it happen a second time.
  • Hi guys,

    I too have been scammed. I just realised the other day when money was taken off my account for a product I never even received. Does anyone have an email address to which cancellations are accepted? I have tried to contact them about 4 times today and keep getting told their systems are down :(

    Any assistance would help. Just FYI, I cancelled my card this morning with the bank to ensure no more cash is taken!

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    cancelling the card will not stop them taking payment. You need to look at the T&Cs you signed up to and see what you need to do to cancel and speak to your bank about cancelling the CPA
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    I'd rather be an Optimist and be proved wrong than a Pessimist and be proved right.
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