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Daydream fund challenge part 4

edited 4 October 2014 at 12:24PM in Greenfingered MoneySaving
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  • BabafetteBabafette Forumite
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    Whereabouts are you CTC? We have badgers and deer on our land here and, whilst I love both, neither are a gardener's best friend! :rotfl: The deer eat practically everything.
    Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician.... :/
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    When I described it to hubby, he said it was a back end of a badger,

    We are somewhere in wales.. don't want to give too much away, as know there is badgers around, but we don't tell the locals.. for several reasons...

    Don't know what is wrong with me today.. totally drained today, haven't moved from the caravan seat, cwtched up in a blanket.. I don't suffer from cold sores etc, but the side of my mouth is really sore, inside my mouth is feeling 'lumpy' and I just haven't got the energy to move... so don't know whether I am coming down with something, or the stress of the last week or so has caught up with me...

    so I am not going to attempted to do anything for the rest of the day..

    Did ask hubby if I could bring a piglin into the caravan to have on my lap lol.. but as he said they will squeal the place down... do miss my cats when I am up the caravan..
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  • lostinrateslostinrates Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Well, as an experiment I cut back one of my palargoniums quite hard as I potted them back, normally I just neaten them up.

    Most look normal, three look luxuriously abundant, ridiculous ly so, but I hope might want tidying up at about the time I don't mind moving them from their prime positions for Christmas stuff to take their places and one looks desperately sad, all cut back. :(. Its in the utility room so I can examine it several times a day for assessment.

    I bought three winter clematis ( what's the plural for that?) that I had wanted for a long time and thought two had died, but not so! The one by the front door has shot into life from 'its disappeared totally' and the ones in pots are both ok. Now one can sneak in a herb bed ( shhhhhhhh ) by the loo door, and another by the other main back door, now its in!
  • luciellelucielle Forumite
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    Hope you feel better tomorrow CTC.

    I nearly ran a ruddy badger over on Friday night, just shot out in front of me!

    OH has seen 2 cars written off due to badger incidents.
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  • alfie_1alfie_1 Forumite
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    Rummer wrote: »
    They tried to shake me off too:rotfl:
    i was shut in the "daydream cupboard" but i fought my way out and sorry folks i foiled your plan and IM HERE :D:D
  • alfie_1alfie_1 Forumite
    5.8K posts
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    LIR and CTC ... can you PM me if you are on the hunt for anything .... however weird. i am going to be delving [by invitation ;):rotfl: ] into a lot of cupboard/sheds etc in the next few weeks....
  • DavesnaveDavesnave Forumite
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    We are braced for the stormy night they promised us, with some extra 12' fence poles laid on the roof, which is still open at the front and covered only by a plastic membrane. :eek:

    Here's a picture of what I mean:

    Down at the chicken pen, I've also concreted-in a couple of big poles behind the extended shed, to prevent it tipping-over in a really high wind. :)

    This morning I swept the chimney, and now there's the first log fire of the season warming us, which is just as well, with a big hole in the house! :rotfl:
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  • rozeepozeerozeepozee Forumite
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    It's great to see some "building photos", Dave. It's good that scaffolding is heavy :)

    Thanks for your condolences. My father in law died on friday. He'd been readmitted to hospital after being treated for cancer a couple of years back. I'm afraid there was no further treatment possible by then. I'm here, holding the fort while OH helps his family in England to arrange the funeral. The worst thing was telling the children. Being so young, we hadn't told them much except that he was back in hospital. They had a really close relationship with him. Seeing those little faces crumple in incomprehension, then grief was heart breaking.

    There's nothing to be but stoic. Others need my OH more than I and the children right now. Meanwhile, I am having to let the chooks face another storm without the help of him to tether down coops (two and a run took flight last time, a few days ago. Fortunately, the ones with chooks in them were weighted down by the animals themselves - even Ixworth growers are heavy!). I can hear things flying about out there already.
  • BabafetteBabafette Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker Photogenic Bake Off Boss!
    I hope you feel better soon CTC.

    Been to Wickes, Homebase and B&Q today - a real triple whammy and not exactly my ideal Sunday! ;) We've measured up for the new kitchen in the flat and will be ordering it this week along with a new bathroom suite.
    It's getting a little windy here now. I hope the roof holds out Davesnave, I'll be keeping everything crossed for you! fingerscrossed_zps0e3de778.gif
    Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician.... :/
  • alfie_1alfie_1 Forumite
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    we are here for you rozee....
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