Daydream fund challenge part 4

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    Barmy as DIY stores are likely to be essential. Certainly the one I was in selling stuff alongside animal feed etc planned to be, like last time. 

    However overheard a conversation between a couple of local 'traders', apparently the very local shops that were open on Sunday had their best day ever. One of those traders is virtually online only.

    One lot of seeds in their way. Have agreed to put a real seeds order in, for joint use, when they put some things back in the shop this month. Anyone tried Tamar Organics? Postage seems reasonable and price per packet.
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    Lost my little poly house last weekend & all my cuttings in the gale.
    Lost all my hens to the fox? badger? a couple of days ago - feel that I shouldn't have gotten them as it is always inevitable that they get snaffled. The fox or whatever it was ripped the lid off the nesting box. So I doubt a pine martin but we have been seeing the fox & saw it later on that day. Thing is I heard what I thought was a bark but just dismissed it - should have gone out to check then but probably would have been too late - so hen-less once more. I do miss them. Seems part of the routine gone. Because part of the routine has gone. They took so long to come on the lay I feel I've hardly got used to home grown eggs again & Beggerations. Remind me not to get any more.
    Lovely day here & we sawed up some wood & I gathered up more branches down the croft. Quite a few straggly bramble fronds - amazing how they grow as does all the things that you'd rather didn't.
    No lockdown as yet here but wee nippy will review things on Tuesday. I don't really mind as we can walk about & get outdoors - I feel so sorry for those stuck in a flat or in unhealthy relationships. Strange times for the world.
    Got some more gravel delivered today was supposed to be here the other week but the quarry's truck was off the road. OH got some wood delivered to mend our little bridge as it's dangerously rotten.
    Made a few jars of crab apple jelly last week - the apples seemed to be a bit brown inside in veins but the jelly turned out fine. Must admit not a great amount as most had been blown off the tree & gone bad before I got around to it. I gave the tree a real hair cut as it's gone rather straggly - hope I haven't done it at the wrong time.
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    So sorry to read about your hens, Ted. :'( Sounds like you'd need Fort Knox for them, which is roughly what we have here, but it was a price never recouped and it all needs doing again now. DW was offered £25-30 each for the Legbars, but refused it. When you consider the time, effort, equipment, food etc involved, there's no money in breeding or eggs, just pleasure, and if the wildlife takes that away.....
    No lockdown for you, and none for us pensioners really down here in Ruralshire. I went 'essential shopping' and just happened to meet one other person in a public place on the way, so we did a few hours walking , seeing lots of other pensioners doing the same thing. We didn't see a mask all afternoon either and I completely forgot to shop. That means I'll have to do it again soon. ;)
    Seriously, I'm incandescent over recent events.... :s but this isn't the place for it. Stay fit folks! o:)
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    Finally got the hedges done today:
    Just a light trim this year. o:)
    In other news, we seem to be getting a large proportion of the poplar tree trunks when they come down 'sometime this month.'   It's not the best firewood, but it's free. ;)
    Sadly, because I've had to wait for my dentist to have a big PPE day, my dodgy tooth has broken and feels beyond saving. At this rate there will be none of it left when I finally get there. :'(
    Still chipping away at the trees on our side down by the stream and removing the evidence pronto, so hopefully neighbour farmer who is funny about the boundary won't notice. So much more light there now nothing's overhanging, but from his side it  looks almost the same. With other neighbour to the west still removing his trees, we shall be able to plant more. I like ferns, but they have rather taken over in recent years.
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    Sorry about the tooth Dave - It's been ages since I went to the dentist and feels like I have gone down hill dental wise. 
    I have a hospital appointment tomorrow which I want out of the way.

    There are still campervans going about & foreign ones too which does seem a bit off really when everyone here is being very careful. 

    I do so miss having hens - I mustn't get any more as it always end in tears. I miss the eggs - they took so long to lay and now they're gone - bah humbug.

    Been looking on Gumtree at dogs - what is going on? Seems that anyone & everyone is breeding odd crosses & charging like the Light Infantry. Spollies and sprockets & goodness knows what. I do hate capitalism & don't get me started about vaccines. They're not coming anywhere near me with one of those rushed through cocktails of goodness knows what. They can stick their needles up their arris.

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    Sorry to hear about your hens Ted, mine have stopped laying as they're moulting. I thought a fox had been in the other day as there were so many feathers inside. I had to buy eggs for the first time in over 10 years. I spent so long deciding which to buy at the farm shop the assistant asked if I was OK. 

    I cut out the old blackberries at the weekend and will tie in the new ones when I'm sure the contractor isn't coming to do the field side. I've tried to be ruthless but I always end up with far to many. Also cut a good third off the old Bramley apple trees as they are creating too much shade and becoming to tall to pick. 

    I picked the last runner beans today so cleared away the canes. Still picking tomatoes which look surprisingly healthy, all green leaves still. Veg will be leeks, carrots and kale from now on, sprouts looking good for Christmas - yum.  

    I still need to sort all my seeds. I have far too many. I've made a note of recommendations I've seen on here. 

    I should have made more cuttings but ran out of time. Is it too late now for herbaceous cuttings? I did manage 17 strong privet cuttings to gap fill in spring. I only need about half, they were more successful than I imagined. 
    Love living in a village in the country side
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    You put me to shame IMW - as you do seem very organised.

    I hate having to buy eggs so will see if there any local ones as they all seem much tastier than shop bought.

    I take cuttings at this time - lost all of mine in the gale that wrecked the poly-house but I am sticking stuff on a windowsill & if it doesn't go it hasn't cost owt.
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    The tooth responded well to the application of a single malt, Ted, but it's got me up early, so I'll need some more 'medicine' and then back to bed!! :D
    I wouldn't worry over much about the tourists, as we had plenty down this way, especially in that funny place beyond the Tamar, and it didn't raise the stats at all. We're pretty spaced out here, and so are you. Maybe I should re-phrase that!
    People will pay silly money for dogs, just like they do for some rarer plants, but then they see a few bob off and go for a cheaper one, no questions asked. Then they end up like one of our friends in the village and my BiL with an animal that has issues. In BiL's case they are virtually welded to the dog, as it will run away if it gets off the lead, it bites occasionally and it's done a few destruction jobs when left alone. Otherwise it is fine, so long as you discount the fact that a piece of 4 by 2 has more personality!
    I'm with you on the vaccine. One thing I've learned is not to be on the leading edge of anything, as it's so often the bleeding edge.
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    Single Malt is often the best way to dull the toothache. 
    Grey here and wettish - but off to Inverness for the dreaded hospital appointment.
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    Hope everythings ok Ted
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