Daydream fund challenge part 4

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    Dave - NHS garden - LOL. I'll liberate seeds/seedlings from any public garden if I see them on a path :-) I think I meant NT - although they are all shut here still. They had Inverewe taped off the last time I went past. I used to go in in the evening occasionally as it was much quieter - no coach parties cluttering the place up.
    Good you can go fishing.  I wish I knew how to fish as the mackerel are back - you see them under the surface - the water looks like it's boiling. Then we'll get the dolphins in to fish.
    RAS - you still like your exotic veggies - I'd never heard of the things you've mentioned but that sounds marvellous.
    Yes, the plant collectors! They did a lot of releasing stuff into the environment that shouldn't really be rampant. The rhododendron is everywhere here & they have started running classes about the twist method of removal that the Forestry Commission ( if I remember rightly) seem to have perfected. Giant Hogweed was rampant in the Middle belt when I lived down there. We have the Himalayan balsam here and Jap Knotweed in an estate I used to do some garden work in - that is a pain. 
    We had clients who had it on a site and it had to be dug out - an insistence from the Planning department.

    One of the reasons we came here was the lack of pesticide use - having worked and lived on farms that grew things such as Oilseed rape and broccoli - massive mono-cropped fields -  I wanted away from the heavy constant spraying that created deserts.
    I have  a bit of a love/hate relationship with the isolation but I do love my croft. I just get stressed sometimes with the way it just does as it pleases!
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