The £1,000 emergency fund challenge.



  • chrisfreelander54
    chrisfreelander54 Forumite Posts: 448
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    Well i have been paid this morning, and as all the bills have either been budgeted for or paid already, then this means I have another £200 to add to the EF. :j

    EF now @ £600. :D
    YNAB is my new best friend. :)
  • MrsSave
    MrsSave Forumite Posts: 1,803
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    Hi, can I join please? I currently have £151 in my emergency fund account. Aiming to put in £50 a month, and if there is any money left over from wages (varies each month), will add a little extra!
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  • Calling14
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    Eyebright wrote: »
    Yay! Off to a great start Calling! Bet you will soon overtake me :D

    Not a chance focused on clearing some of my debt by xmas :j
    plus need to buy xmas pressies :eek:

    Keep plodding away guys :T
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  • rosieben
    rosieben Forumite Posts: 5,010
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    Please can I join this challenge?

    I've always hung out on the OS board but followed a link here and discovered some great threads and inspirational diaries

    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • peony40
    peony40 Forumite Posts: 636
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    I'd like to join you all, if possible?

    At the moment we no longer have an emergency fund, and this makes me feel very uneasy.

    It will take a while for me to get up to a £1000 especially since I had to give up work over three years ago due to health issues. But anything in the pot will be good!
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  • Aloofdragon
    Aloofdragon Forumite Posts: 339 Forumite
    Popping another £12 into mine today so now have an amazeballs £22 just incase money x Have a lovely Friday all x
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  • Nintud
    Nintud Forumite Posts: 191
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    I've taken out the cash for new ceiling and skip hire (ouch!) so can 'proudly' announce that my emergency fund now stands at £8.87 :rotfl:

    Best start building it back up again before the next emergency hits.
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  • DreamerHelen
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    Apologies for not replying before now Eyebright....thank you for your encouragement....I'm really pleased to have a little money saved up.....feels really good!! :)

    How is everyone getting on with their Emergency Fund?

    I'm up to £17 and some I'm really pleased with that...Hopefully can put a little extra in next Week... :D
  • Nintud
    Nintud Forumite Posts: 191
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    :mad: the next emergency has hit.

    Pulling down the ceiling revealed that it wasn't just the shower grout letting out water. The toilet also has a leak (not soil pipe thankfully). En suite toilet is now out of use until I can afford a plumber to take the toilet out, check where leak is coming from and fix (May just require a seal redoing).

    It never just rains here :(

    This is why we all need an emergency fund folks!!
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  • patman99
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    WElcome to our 3 newest mambers.

    Transferred £3.74 across thanks to selling a game on ebay.
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