Should my mate pay for his own pricey drinks?



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    If it's a one off or approximately evens out over time it doesn't matter and I will pay the extra, but if it mounts up over time and your socializing costs a subsidy, it makes you wonder if these are friends. Another thing rounds encourage gluttony, which perhaps is partly the point of a PU.

    It's more of a problem if you are the odd one out and everyone else drinks & eats more, then what happens? Yes you can pay separately, which is a pain because certain people always make sure they haven't the change or will 'pay it later' which of course they forget. Or you can write a tally which seems too prescriptive for a holiday. If done correctly though and everyone agrees, it works OK, but these sort of guys will have paid up their share irrespective of how you do it.

    Yes, you can just find a different set of friends, preferably not big fat alcoholics!
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    SailorSam wrote: »
    I always lost out when we bought rounds 'cos i was always the driver and had so little to drink,

    The driver should buy the least number of rounds if things are fair.
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    In a group it usually evens out over time. 50p extra over six people isn't worth stressing about.
    It's a little more difficult if it's only two or three people .

    Really though if you aren't mature enough to talk about it with the people involved-you probably aren't old enough to be drinking in a pub anyway.
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    In the past I did have a friend who would buy a bottle drink while we had lager which was way more expensive. She saw nothing wrong with this and thought we were just being miserable. We decided one night all to drink what she did. She nearly had a hissy fit at the price of the round and looked very sheepish when we quoted what she had said.

    If I'm not driving I always make an effort to buy the driver an extra drink, as a token of thanks but at our local the soft drinks tend to be as much as my pint!
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    I regularly meet up with a group of friends in the pub to watch the football. Whilst I drink mainly spirits, most of my friends drink expensive beer and wine. My vodka is cheaper than beer or wine but I resent having to buy expensive rounds of beers when all I want is a nice vodka.

    Should I ask my friends to buy their own?

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    Why don't you all order what he has when it is his round ?
    That might get the message through :cool:
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    This is exactly the reason for drinking alone! :p
  • I'm a non-drinker and usually drink mineral water or even have a cup of tea instead if out with friends and they insist on having a round system.
    After I once paid £20 for 2 waters and a tea in one evening I pulled out and they have been a bit funny about it but to be honest I can cope with some back chat and would rather keep my £20 in my pocket.

    If we have meals out I am also inclined to pay my corner given I generally eat one course and not three like them.

    Sorry but the days of paying for others greed is gone.
    If he's costing you money, then no matter what the tradition, split the round.
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  • Yawn.. I don't drink beer so if it were me and my friends, they know this and would pay for my G&T cheerfully, just as I'd pay for whatever they wanted when it's my turn. Again, not much of a dilemma..!
  • Conrad wrote: »
    No, I would say all share and not be so damned money centric. I find over the years such things all come out in the wash. Keeping a mental balance sheet is not on.
    But you'll find the guy ordering the £7 double shot would also be the guy ordering the expensive steak when everyone goes out for dinner.

    'Rounds' usually work on the basis of everyone having a similarly priced drink. You don't expect the person drinking a soft drink to cough up for a round either
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