christmas birthdays

Does anyone else out there have a christmas birthday? if so how do you feel about it?

i hated it when i was little but love it now as we always go out for our family meal to a local pub and i end up getting extra wine! (a good money saving tip potentially!)

also out of interest, how do you parents cope if your child has a bday on or near xmas? my sons is on the 4th december so not too close, but still means money can be a bit tight at the start of the xmas shopping!


  • I'm Christmas day :-)

    Never go to work on my birthday, don't have to do Christmas washing up :-)

    Works for me !
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    As a Christmas Baby I have always felt cheated .My birthday felt like it was just a quick event then onto the main attraction [Christmas]

    Although I never have to work my birthday I also have never in 48 yrs managed to get a lie in either!!!
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    Both my sons have birthdays just after new year. We have 3 major events... All within one payday. Problem is, the kids have got everything they want at Xmas.
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  • My DS birthday is Christmas eve and we always give him separate presents never ever joint ones. We have always tried to make it special for him by going somewhere on Christmas eve and having a party the week before. For the past 2 years we have been to see the hobbit 1 and 2 and this year is my DS 18th birthday so again we will be going to see hobbit 3, in 3D with comfy seats and sweets and popcorn. He will probably be celebrating with his mates after that lol. I don't think he likes having his birthday so close to Christmas but there is nothing we can do about that, and we have tried to make it as special as we could of.
  • My DS's birthday is on 13 December.

    He quite likes it because he says he gets all the Christmas decorations etc. to help make his birthday feel more special, and people with a non December birthday do not get them.

    I too (as do my family) make sure that he gets separate presents for each occassion, and we do something special to celebrate that fact that it is his birthday.
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  • my mums birthday is Christmas day, and I always feel bad for her as it kind of gets forgotten...although she is the kind of mum who is happy if everyone else is happy!

    but its her 60th next year and would like to plan something special but it being Christmas its quite difficult to get friends and family to come to an event!
  • I'm lucky to have a June birthday, so nicely half way between Christmas's, but one of my friends has a mid-December birthday. She tends to opt for having her birthday meal out a few weeks early, as trying to get a table booking for a group, without paying more than normal, and without a Christmas menu in December is almost impossible.

    It's also difficult trying to buy birthday cards in December as most of the cards on sale are Christmas ones, but then it's the same if you have your birthday near valentines day, mothers day, fathers day etc.
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  • My boyfriend and my brother both have birthdays on the 20th December, My step brother is the 18ths of December and my sister is the 2nd of January!

    I always try to do something nice for my boyfriend for his birthday, since it is so close to christmas - i dont think he minds too much as he gets one lot of presents for his birthday and then another for christmas! Me on the other hand, hate having to think of different things to buy him! :(
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    My Birthday is 22nd Dec, OH always takes me out on 22nd Nov so we avoid the Xmas works do,s and death by turkey dinner in December.

    My Mums is christmas eve, and we,ve always made sure we each buy 'proper' birthday presents not the generic 'combined' prezzie

    Worst bit was no one wanted to go to a birthday party just before christmas as a kid.
    Note to self - STOP SPENDING MONEY !!

  • First girlfriend's birthday was 29 February. Good job there wasn't an internet back then or I could be in trouble for posting what I bought for her on her sixth birthday.
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