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MSE News: We’ll keep using fake debt firm to target customers, Npower says

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Npower customers are targeted with fake debt collection company letters, but the firm says it won't stop using them...
Read the full story:

We’ll keep using fake debt firm to target customers, Npower says


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  • maas
    maas Posts: 512 Forumite
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    Is there anything illegal about it? AFAIK you can set up a separate division in a company and issue letters with a different letter head.

    Whether its a separate company acting on behalf of Npower or a "collections" department in the Npower office what difference does it make?

    It says at the bottom of the page its Npower and the postal return address is Npower.
  • Nada666
    Nada666 Posts: 5,004 Forumite
    Well done, npower.

    This has been going on for decades. Who cares? Why the pig-pile on Wonga? Banks, utility suppliers, man next door and his dog have always done this. If a decent percentage of people cough up then fair enough - good on the letters. Too many chancers wanting to write off their debts or pay £1 a month despite easily being able to afford more.

    Of course, slightly unfortunately, it is only the 'decent' people who cough up - the professional malingerers will continue to ignore demands. But too many people are in the habit of shrugging off utility demands as they know they are not going to be cut off.

    Read your meters each month, compare with the readings on the last statement, compare with how much you are paying, and work out what will happen next quarter - save up to pay it off, gird your patience to get the debit adjusted over the telephone (yes, more of a hassle than it should be), or whatever.
  • miller
    miller Posts: 1,633 Forumite
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    While we are at it, can we have the BBC logo on TV licence correspondence.
  • anniecave
    anniecave Posts: 2,447 Forumite
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    I would agree that that it's not a problem in itself. Npower have been using that trading name for years as I remember having a billing dispute with them in 2006 and I got a collections direct letter and it was quite clearly from Npower. I did complain to Npower at the time over a number of issues, including the fact they were threatening things they couldn't actually do (like cut off our supply when they were no longer our current supplier).
    Indecision is the key to flexibility :)
  • Bluebirdman_of_Alcathays
    Nada666 wrote: »
    This has been going on for decades. Who cares? Why the pig-pile on Wonga?

    The issue with Wonga is the language they used suggests they were impersonating a solicitor - a criminal offence. The Law Society pushed to have their case examined further.

    npower have, as you say, done nothing wrong.
  • GingerBob_3
    GingerBob_3 Posts: 3,659 Forumite
    Just wondering - why does this obnoxious company send their threatening letters from "Collections Direct" rather than just from "NPower"?
  • puk999
    puk999 Posts: 552 Forumite
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    GingerBob wrote: »
    Just wondering - why does this obnoxious company send their threatening letters from "Collections Direct" rather than just from "NPower"?

    'cause the debtors weren't coughing up from the previous npower bills/letters so yet another one headed npower probably wouldn't make a difference! It's a cheap way to make the recipient think things are getting a tad more serious.
  • minislim
    minislim Posts: 357 Forumite
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    thats Npower off my list of potential new business off me in the future.

    i'm never in debt anyway. but the way some companies try bully boy tactics like this to people (some will be vulnerable) is disgusting.
  • Pincher
    Pincher Posts: 6,552 Forumite
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    Whatever happened to Final Demand in big red letters?

    With modern nudging techniques so advanced, what about targeted superstition?

    Fake Letter from the Arch Bishop: pay up or we will ex-communicate you.

    We have a voodoo doll with your name on it.

    Your bodily bits will drop off because we have put a curse on you.
  • Leon_W
    Leon_W Posts: 1,813 Forumite
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    I suppose one of the favourite excuses for not paying a bill is "I didn't receive it" . Debtor sees another Npower bill on the doormat and throws it in the bin. So, in Npowers defence sending it from Collections Direct is more likely to get it opened and read.

    Npower can then stand up in court and say that they've tried everything possible before going to court and it's likely the judge would agree.
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