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Average amount of savings for a 30 year old...

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  • im 28. have about 5k but do have a mortgage with some equity. 50k pa salary, outside of London.

    I find saving difficult as I have a reasonable paid job, i just tend to buy crap. Have friends on half my salary who have much more apparent wealth.

    I come from a very poor family though, my Grans inheritance was £50 for example. so everythimg i have, i have worked for. at 30 or so, many people have some inheritance stock from grandparents by that age which accelorates them financially so it is very variable and doesnt depend on salary usually.
  • I found myself to have saved 65k by 28 then bought a house 30k down payment and works to the house dropped me to around 20k Then over a period of 3 years spent around 50k bathrooms that type of thing only now sarting to save again properly I am now 32 with 40k saving and equity of 90k no loans of credit cards just the mortgage I don't know if it's average or what have you sometimes when you buy a house as the sole owner you never relax and savings can become obsessive - on 48k a year
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  • Unfortunately I don't qualify. Though I'm 21, currently a full time student due to graduate next year. Currently saved £20,000. I've realised that it isn't how much you earn, it's how you spend it. I have friends who are maxed out at £3000 in their student account overdrafts and have nothing to show for it.
  • I don't know, it varies a lot depending on circumstances, what I can say is that people at 20s save what they will dig at their 30s. At 30s, few people can really save at a long term period (mortgage, car loan, kids, marriage, vacations, etc.). So you have to be careful with your decissions!
  • 25, 60k salary, 50k debt, 40k equity and £1,000 cash to my name thats it. Will be back in the black by 26, 4 years savings from there should have a net worth of £100k+.
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  • This has been an interesting thread.

    Is a large amount of money in the bank or lots of possessions or both equal to amazing adventures/ memories of experiences? Experiences cost the same as possessions; with experiences there won't be anything to show BUT there will be great stories to tell: Most importantly is that there are people to tell the stories or show the possessions too!

    Life choices are varied and there is no right age to borrow, save: There is only a sense of self worth among people/ family however few or many. Is it worth borrowing with intention to pay back later with scrimping or scrimping n saving to have lots of money to enjoy later ... it's all choice and does anyone of us actually know which is better until we have the wisdom of hindsight?

    Maybe there's something in Baz Luhrmann's advice song, class of '99?
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    Not only do you have the best name, your post is great too!!!! I just looked up the song. Cool, hope you wear sunscreen. lol.
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    I'm in a much better place than I was. My parents had money, but were very old-school in the sense that they left home at 14/15 and believed that was when parenting ended. So I was paying them rent throughout college and uni and wasn't able to save. I then had to take out some loans for my degree. Then I graduated into the recession, which was a pain as even a temporary minimum wage job was hard to get. However, at 32 I've now paid off all my debts and have about £18k in assets (savings, pensions, investments). I'm only on a £20k salary (although that's an improvement, and my current job is a permanent one). Still not enough for a mortgage according to the banks I've asked so far, which is annoying as I'd rather be paying off a house than throwing away rent money, but I need to save up a bit more yet.

    I'm hopeful that my salary will increase at least somewhat in the next 5 years and I will be able to buy a home.
    Savings: £56,129.70 (+ I don't know how much BTC/ETH)

    Investments: Not sure

    Daily Breathing Salary (DBS): £1.14

    Debt: £0.00 :j
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    30 this year. Between my husband and I we have a joint salary of around 38k, 87k mortgage, approx 90k equity in our house, 80k in savings (a lot of it is from inheritance). Hoping that will go towards a new house very soon. 1k in credit card debt, no other debt.

    My salary has dipped since having a child and going part time, but it's worth it :)
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    Charllie well done I applaud you to have saved so much under those circumstances. And Sulphate great savings also.
    Try to have a minimal spend year in 2021
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