Who's making a World Book Day costume this weekend?!

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It's World Book Day next Thursday.

Is your kids' school taking part?

What are your kids going as and are you making the costume or buying?

What tips do you have for not spending a fortune?

We're asking on twitter too so join in the conversation there if you'd like :)
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    building_with_legobuilding_with_lego Forumite
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    edited 28 February 2014 at 11:41AM
    Yes! Two schools, two themed weeks, two outfits:
    Pirate- old shorts, one of my white shirts, black belt, charity shop waistcoat, red headscarf and a printed eyepatch. Total cost £1 plus printing. Oh, and I intend to make a telescope from kitchen roll inners and foil!
    Ruby Redfort (by Lauren Child): leggings, t shirt with slogan painted on. Accessories yet to be decided. Total cost should be free :D
    They call me Dr Worm... I'm interested in things; I'm not a real doctor but I am a real worm. :grin:
  • building_with_legobuilding_with_lego Forumite
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    I do have a tip for not spending a fortune, which came from an emergency dash to a charity shop in search of a Victorian- style costume I needed at short notice (as one does :p). I mentioned that I only needed it for one day and the manager suggested that I pay a nominal amount and bring everything back: I 'hired' a skirt, blouse, cardigan and hat for £2, washed and returned it within two days.

    It may be worth asking in your local CS whether they would consider a similar thing. The worst they can say is "no".
    They call me Dr Worm... I'm interested in things; I'm not a real doctor but I am a real worm. :grin:
  • rach_krach_k Forumite
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    My 4 year old is going as Little Red Riding Hood, courtesy of Ikea. £3 for a red fleece blanket which I've made into a simple hooded cape (large semi-circle for the main cloak, smaller semi-circle for the hood - I love fleece as it doesn't need hemming) and an £8 toy wolf with a little Grandma it can eat. We could have done without the wolf but it was an impulse buy! We also picked up a small basket for £1 from The Works and will put a few bits of play food in it. She'll wear normal clothes under the cape. Very easy and pretty cheap if you don't include the wolf. It'll last years too as the cape is long now but can be worn shorter.
  • DigForVictoryDigForVictory Forumite
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    One son going as Arthur Dent (pyjamas, dressing gown & slippers - were he blond, I would send him with a monocle & very large book as a young Wimsey, but he preferes Marvin to Bunter...)

    Cousin going as Miss Muffet (we made 4 mobcaps from one old pillowcase with shirring elastic - £1.20 for the elastic, but loads left!), blouse (one of my too-fat-for-now ones) & long skirt (charity shop, severely taken in at the waist!, £1.00) & petticoats (more shirring elastic holding up more pillowcases as petticoats) with a toy spider on elastic (20 pence from ASDA after Halloween) & the car blanket folded round her as a shawl. Petticoats & shawl vital as Lancashire winds are merciless.

    Another son as Grand Old Duke Of York - miltary surplus, a few badges & Properly wound putees above highly polished boots. (Apparently not such a Dark Art - "like bandaging a horse, then"!)
  • LEJCLEJC Forumite
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    I am making a giant peach...

    VERY large inflatable beach ball covered with newspaper and glue then painted...

    Son then needs to wear his own clothes and hes walked straight out of a Roald Dahl book....
    frugal October...£41.82 of £40 food shopping spend for the 2 of us!

    2017 toiletries challenge 179 out 145 in ...£18.64 spend
  • belleviebellevie Forumite
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    Daughter is going as Alice in wonderland, already have a blue dress, ordered white kids apron of ebay got white tights, just need to find ribbon for hair, and black school shoes as normal!
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  • suejb2suejb2 Forumite
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    I'm making some Hobbit feet!! I've poached a pair of pinkish socks from D.D and threading brown wool through to look like hair for my D.S outfit.Thanks to help from a post I made on the crafting thread.
    Life is like a bath, the longer you are in it the more wrinkly you become.
  • picnmixpicnmix Forumite
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    Dorothy from Wizard of Oz

    Using one of last years blue gingham school dresses cut off sleeves and sewn into a pinafore style. White apron made from pillowcase, white school top under.
    Cost - freeeeeeeeeeee!

    Has got a pair of red ballet shoes already and spoke nicely to workmates and borrowed a little basket to pop in toy dog.

    Have it already done as I remember last year sitting up sewing until silly o'clock as I left it to the last minute.

    Other little girl is going as Flax the Feral Fairy, so a punk fairy basically!
  • One of my kids is going as Dennis the Menace.
    Bought a red school sweatshirt from asda (£3) drew some black stripes on with a black marker pen, he is wearing black shorts, red socks and black shoes with this (all of which we have at home already).

    Zippy x
    :p Busy working Mum of 3 :wave:
  • double_mummydouble_mummy Forumite
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    i have just been informed apparently im making 2 for tuesday as well as having a model project in for monday

    have already told my big one that im done for the year im not doing anymore projects or costumes or anything after these i cant believe i have another 7 years of this!
    The only people I have to answer to are my beautiful babies aged 8 and 5
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