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  • Thanks for sharing a useful post.
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    I wonder if anyone has experience of prepaid Euro cards for petrol in France & Spain? I have read they may not work for tolls, especially in France, but has anyone had problems with petrol stations? I'm riding down to Murcia next month and have always ignored prepaid cards using credit cards instead (and don't want to apply for anymore) so thought it best to use one of these instead. I'll have cash as well as my usual credit cards.
    Any comments as well on which of the many cards people recommend (or don't), would be appreciated, many thanks
  • If you are traveling to the USA this year and are going to hire a car STOP NOW!

    Last night I was doing exactly this and was stunned at the different prices to hire cars from the UK site compared to the UK site for the same company. You have to dig to find the USA siate as once again they do not want you booking on the USA site rather than the UK site. This applies to Alamo, Dollar, Thrifty etc

    My basic car no frill was going to cost me just under £1584 for 21 days pick up in Chicago and drop off in Los Angeles, It was this quote that made me hunt around. I found exactly the same deal on the UK site, same terms everything the same apart from the price. By booking on the USA site I saved over £1000. - MY MESSAGE - Always book on overseas sites and save a fortune.
  • Thanks for sharing. it's very informative post.
  • Hello All,

    trying to get cheap deals from Manchester to Frankfurt for Dec. i thought prices would be so much better this early. What is best time to look and best site to look? thanks for any advice Kim
  • I love it. Thanks for sharing.
  • Thanks for sharing, ..........try I have used them for 10 years, best website ever for budget flights. They cross reference all flights to find you the cheapest of the cheap.
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    ....They cross reference all flights...

    That sounds clever, please describe in more detail what they do.
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  • I recentlyused a pre paid currency card and managed to lock in a pre Brexit Rate on the Euro.
    I must say its a great way to go , I used FairFX and it can be used pretty much anywhere other then petrol stations or tolls but you can also download an app which shows the balance and let you top up if needed. Well worth doing if going abroad.
  • Thanks for sharing. it's really informative post.
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