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  • There is a new Currency Exchange website called ‘Globetrotter Currency’. It allows free currency exchange with anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world.

    It’s worth checking out! Just Google 'Globetrotter Currency'.
  • I do not bother with the cards and send money to my friends bank account directly using a FX Broker. If you have a bank account yourself or are travelling to visit a friend I would suggest you do the same, I use IFX and can highly recommend their service. You get much better rates than a card and as it is a direct bank to bank transfer its incredibly secure.
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    Just been booking flights for Sep for the family holiday, 8 of us with Ryanair.
    Checked prices for 1 person, £88 return , increased this to 8 people - £130 each.
    Played about with numbers and found that 3 people is where the price jumped.
    Now I understand that so many tickets go on at 1 price and when they are gone the next tier comes into play but why couldn't I take 2 @ £88 and 1 (or 7) @£130 ?
    So I started playing about with numbers and splitting the trip into outbound and inbound trips.
    In the end I made 4 bookings, 2 in £ and 2 in Euro and brought the price down from £1036 to £853 for about 30 mins effort.

    Also one thing to beware of is when booking a flight with Ryanair that is charged in Euros, they default to doing the conversion for you from Euro to £. On my 2 inbound bookings they were giving me rate of 1.059 but on my Halifax Clarity card I got 1.132 which saved me £40.53
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    I will try to keep this brief :
    In 2013 I took out a Thomas Cook "Euros" Cash Passport, which I used with some success until September 2017.
    The only issues I had with the card were (a) fees being charged when I took out cash abroad, and (b) keeping track of the balance on the card (no statements are ever issued).
    A few weeks ago I loaded some extra money onto the card.
    Going through some paperwork I discovered that the card had in fact expired at the end of September 2017 (no notification of this was received).
    I took this up with the local Thomas Cook office , who said "we can't help, call customer services".
    Now the horror story starts :
    The call centre first of all said they would issue replacement cards, then said they couldn't because old card was T Cook, then told me to take out a new card, call them back and they would transfer the balance. I took out a new card (which I had to load with a min of £50), and called them. Oh no, the new card is not issued by T Cook, so we can't transfer. After much more discussion they agreed "exceptionally" to issue me new T Cook cards. After a few days, more calls to contradict previous statements, and suggesting I go to T Cook and get new cards myself ! At this stage I gave up and asked for them to transfer the balance of the "dead" card back to my bank. More telephone calls... eventually I gor the balance back in my bank, less £58 lost as a result of them playing fast and loose with exchange rates.
    Never again - be warned - I'll stick to wads of Euros in future.
    PS This saga involved literally hours of phone to call centres which are staffed with people who have a poor command of English and appear to have very poor job skills.
    PPS The last call involved me giving them my IBAN number - how many people in the UK even know what an IBAN number is ?
    It's only rock 'n' roll ...
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    I'll stick to wads of Euros in future
    Have you considered joining the 21st century and seeking out value at the same time?
  • thanks thats useful
  • Try - best prices and very easy to use.
  • ##!Buy Passport online / #!buy ID card online / #!buy driving license online
    (( [email protected] )) buy the residence permit online / #!get citizenship online
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    Hi you just have to be very careful when booking through a US website. The US rates usually don’t include CDW and TP as most credit cards in the US give these to their customers. Which basically means if you book through a US website and are a UK customer if you have an accident you could be liable for the whole price of the rental car!! I nearly made the same mistake. I booked through a US website and then went comparing prices, I looked on carhirebible and saw the differences in what was included
  • Hi, who is the best provider for car hire excess Insurance? Not the cheapest, but the best in terms of price v service? Any advice welcome.
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