The Trials & Tribulations of Trying to Conceive when its just not happening (12m+)

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Welcome to the long term TTC thread! This is for people who have been TTC for a while, or know they are going to not have a straightforward experience of TTC. There is a huge range of reasons why people post here, and most of them have put a summary below so you can get your bearings.

Everyone is welcome, and please don't be intimidated by the banter. The ladies here understand the long term heartache of this process, and also can give lots of advice and experience. It's also a great place to rant when one more facebook friend starts to complain about how wonderfully fertile she is!

The normal TTC thread is here: and the ladies there are lovely too.

The first post there also gives some of the acronyms, but please don't hesitate to ask anyone here if there are some you don't understand.

Team TTC info
  • Angeltreats TTC#1 since 08/12, NTNP for at least a year before that. 33 OH 33. Investigation so far: Scan & 21 day bloods for me, all ok. OH has low sperm count & low motility. Next step: First FS appointment 28 November & DH urology appointment 29 November
  • Babywanted TTC for 10 years, all tests clear on both me and hubby, unexplained infertility, miscarried twins April 2012
  • bigmomma051204 TTC#2 since 01/12. PCOS. One ovary due to childhood issue. Overweight, but regular 28 day cycle.
  • Chickpea. 40 TTC#2 since 09/09. Mmc Aug 2013 and m/c Dec 2013. Treatment: run out of options, hoping for a miracle.
  • codemonkey TTC#1 since Oct 2010. 34, DH 32. Investigations so far: Transvaginal ultrasound and HSG all normal, SA showed azoospermia with no vas deferens. MESA/TESA impossible. TESE ruled out due to high risk. Next step: lick our wounds and consider sperm donation/adoption routes.
  • cwtw Ttc #1 since Jan 12, me 31 OH 32. Me: PCO normal weight and symptomless except bleeding too often; some anovulatory cycles. OH normal everything. Next Step: On inositol, first fs appt Sept 13 eek.
  • Danielley TTC#1 since July 2012. Me - almost 35, OH - 34, currently under a consultant at Liverpool Womens, had initial tests (D3 & D21 bloods, external ultrasound, HSG, SA) All fine other apart from borderline abnormal creatinine level in blood so repeating test. Been prescibed 3months Clomid - 1st Cycle Oct 13. Next step: Appt with FS 18/12/13
  • Elsie37 TTC#1 since 02/12. 31. Next step: FS appointment 29 July
  • emmaj30 37. DH 43. Just gone on IVF list. Laproscopy fine and no blockage in tubes. No endo and diagnosed with Unexplained fertility. Hope to start treatment in next 2-4 months (updated Feb14)
  • Fairy Dust TTC#1 since 2006 (well NTNP for the first year). DH 38 Me 38. Unexplained infertility. All tests normal (strange how you hope that they find something wrong that they can "fix"). Failed IVF 1st cycle August 2013. Next Step Booked in for 2nd cycle Feb 2014.
  • Floaty (34) DH 38. TTC#1 since 01/2009. Unexplained IF. Had all FS tests (day 3 bloods, ov+7d bloods, internal ultrasounds, HSG, several SAs and a Lap&Dye - all look normal). Next step: FS appointment 11th March, hopefully for IVF referral.

    FrozenPenguin TTC#1 since Dec 2011. Me 31, DH 35, Me: mild PCOS,irregular cycles and irregular ovulation. Had Day 3/Day 21 tests, Ultrasound,HSG, 7 rounds of Clomid. DH: low SA in all 3 areas (count, morphology and motility)and a varicocele. Next step: Provera, Suprecur and Gonal-F to start January, ICSI planned for mid February
  • goodvibes TTC#1 since 04/12. 36 OH 38. Investigation so far. Me no problems OH low sperm count. Next step: ICSI treatment to start end of feb 14
  • isla_red TTC#1 since 05/11, 32 OH 33. I have a history of painful ovarian cysts but all scans internal and external clear and 21 day bloods okay for me. Discovered OH has a low sperm count in 2012 so removed from IUI list and transferred to ICSI list. Next step Currently awaiting reaching top of NHS ICSI waiting list, first appointment predicted circa Jan 2014
  • lisawood78 TTC # 1 since 2003, I'm 35 hubby 38. Hubby no issues. No fallopian tubes due to ectopic pregnancies caused by severe adhesions. 9 Failed IVF/ICSI/FET cycles. Next Step: Surrogacy consultation on October 4th
  • Littleme82: Me 32; DP 45. TTC since 09.2012. Blood tests show low progesterone; DP SA not great; prescribed clomid currently on 8th cycle; scans last year all ok; HSG looks fine; seeing FS to discuss next steps on 04.03.14.
    loveactually me 33, DH 43, officials started TTC from May 2013 but NTNP from last 2 years. no problems from DH. For me moderate endo which was operated in Nov/13. But very low ovarian reserve according to AMH test and FSH hormone so referred to IVF first appointment on 4 February
  • lucyloo77 TTC#1 since 07/2011. 35, OH is 41. OH has low SA/motility, me no known issues. Unsuccessful IVF/ICSI in May 2013 and August 2013.
  • MrsDavo TTC#1 (together) since 01/2011. 25, OH : 35. I have 6yr old girl, he has 4yr old girl both from different relationships. MMC April 2012. Diagnosed PCOS Dec 2012 - i ovulate on my own maybe twice a year! Male slightly low. Tried 3 cycles of Clomid in 2013. Next step: Metformin for 3 months daily, back to FS on 5/2/14.
  • onestep TTC#2 (dd 9) we've stopped actively ttc now, & are investigating adoption. Next Step Waiting to be assigned a SW
  • Part Mouse TTC#1 since 2009. 29 DH 36. PCOS, blocked right tube, no ov. Male problems as well. No response to tamoxafin. Next Step: Currently injecting Menpur to stimulate ovulation.
  • Peonie TTC #1 since 08/10. 35, DH 38. Severe endo. 1 MC 06/12. Next step: IVF short protocol in January..
  • Purcy81 TTC#1 since 09/12 aged 32 DH aged 32. 2MC (Oct 12 & Jun 13) Irregular and long cycles with late OV and short LP (managed to get it to 10 days now with AC and Vit B6). Other than this no known problems on either side. Next steps Just keep trying, both MC have been confirmed by the doctor but no medical help or even testing will be forthcoming as we can get pregnant and they only test after 3MC as having 2 is "probably just bad luck"
  • Picklekin TTC #1 since July 2012. Unexplained fertility. Tried 6 months of clomid without success. Now waiting for a referral to a new gynaecologist for a second opinion.
  • Primmer TTC#1 since 2009. 39, DH 48. Unexplained infertility. Unsuccessful IVF treatment. Considering adoption but still hoping for a miracle.
  • sadshoequeenAge 39 originally TTC #1 2009, mc may 2011, breastcancer diagnosis aug 2011, TTC again since July 2013 think ovulating but maybe randomly as one ovary, fsh levels fine. Next step: unsure
  • Sewit TTC #1 Oct 2011. Me - 35, DH 38. Unexplained Infertility. AMH 4. 1st IVF 8 eggs, 4 fertilised, 2x2dt -BFN Stepping away from TTC until Jan 2014.
  • skint_catt TTC#2. (DD aged 2). Weve been trying for 12 months & hubby is 42 & I am 36. next step: pelvic scan 24/10/13 & waiting for AF for GP to do more bloods on CD3.
  • Skaps So far have had my blood tests, OH has had his tests which have come back fine. Had an ultrasound and they think they found a polyps so am going to have a hysteroscopy to check and remove it if its there.
  • Smookle TTC for approx 18 months. Aged 27. DH 29. Had laproscopy and diagnosed with moderate Endo and adhesions. All allegedly fixed and fine but still not pregnant. Regular, short cycles, ovulating 2 out of 3 times. Failed IUI Dec/14 Next step - IVF/ICSI referral for Jan 14
  • Star02 Married in 2008 and been trying to conceive since 2009, in 2011 had tests and confirmed would need ICSI, however I was too young to qualify for NHS funding. Next Step Just received letter to have a referral as although still to young based on prior criteria they have removed the lower age limit due to the change in the age discrimination laws.
  • teaandcupcakeordeath TTC #1 since 04/2011. Me (30). BMI 31. Unicornuate Uterus, PCOS, Mild Endo. Irregular cycles. Elevated Prolactin. DH (30) Poor SA results (count, motility and morphology). Next Step: Slowly going mad. Awaiting Brain MRI results to check for benign tumour. Next Step: 2 cycles of NHS IVF with ICSI approved when results are in and BMI at target.
  • Tea Lover TTC#1 since 2009. Me - 35, endo, pcos. OH - 41, v poor SA results (count, motility, morphology). Clomid - didn't do much. One ICSI cycle - BFP then early m/c. Next step: ICSI #2 - Feb14.
  • theonlywayisup TTC#1 since feb 12. Me (29) pcos, long irregular cycles. OH (30) awaiting results of SA. Also awaiting fs appointment and results of possible partial molar pregnancy.
  • tia86 TTC1 since 12/12 (27 years old, OH 28). First appointment with FS booked for March. Scan for PCOS booked for Feb.
    time2deal TTC#1 since 10/11. 37. DH 376. Low AMH, Low SA - but ovulating fine. Overweight (29 BMI). Cervical cancer 12/12 (remission 03/13). IVF 01/13 9 frozen embryos. IVF Nov 2013 cycle cancelled due to cervical scarring. 3 embryos frozen. Next Step Unsure. Considering NHS IVF
  • Vesper 29 been with hubby since 2003. NTNP since end of 2003. Early MC 2006. It made us realise the time was right and started trying properly by following Ov in around 2010, and using a cbfm in Oct 2011. Hubby had mumps as a toddler. SA in 08 showed a low sperm count, but not sure on details. Next Steps. trying to get a SA for hubby again, and been refered for day 21 bloods at local hospital. Waiting for appointment.
  • Whattodonow TTC#1 for for over 2 years. 32, Had all scans - OK, OH has supersperm, I have around 11 AMH, so not great. Three rounds of clomid - totally eff-ed up my cycle and effected my eyesight, so didn't complete 4th round. Next step Awaiting consultant appointment to begin IVF treatment
  • Wonder Woman TTC#1 for approx. 1 year. Me: 27, no known problems, DH: 34, problem with vas deferens. On 1st NHS IVF cycle (long protocol)Next step Down reg scan booked for 12 Nov 13. Hoping for EC in w/c 25 Nov 13.


  • tea_lover
    tea_lover Posts: 8,261 Forumite
    As requested, am starting a new thread. Have taken the latest list, massive apologies if it's not right!
  • Thanks Tea, I've lost count how many new threads have been started since we've been TTC.....

  • V. exciting - a shiny new thread! (I'm easily pleased :D)

    Thanks tea lover as well for the info about injection times - hopefully it'll work out okay; I can do my jab inbetween leaving work at 5 and going out for dinner with the old folks at 7 :)

    Hope everyone manages to find their way here okay (last time there was a new thread, I took me a week to find everyone...:o)
  • tea_lover
    tea_lover Posts: 8,261 Forumite
    edited 7 February 2014 at 12:29PM
    Just realised I haven't got the bit with people's summaries on.... off to find it. Have made a mess of this... sorry!

    ETA: or is that is in post 1?? Was there another bit? Am so confused? T2D, please help me!!

    EATA: I've put them the wrong way round. This is too hard!
  • Part_Mouse
    Part_Mouse Posts: 5,527 Forumite
    Thanks tea.
  • tea_lover
    tea_lover Posts: 8,261 Forumite
    edited 10 February 2014 at 12:50PM
    IVF/ICSI/FET cycles currently ongoing.
    • Sewit: IVF LP. DR 13/1 Prostap. AMH4, 375 Gonal F. Scratch on CD12. Endo Scratch 3/1/14.
    • FrozenPenguin: ICSI LP. DR 13/1. suprecur. Gonal-F (137.5iu) from 5 Feb. EC w/c 17 Feb. Stims 5/2
    • Rowingirl: ICSI SP. Stims 27.01. EC 6/2.
    • Fairy Dust: IVF LP. DR 29/1. EC w/c 10 Feb.
    Tea Lover: ICSI planned in Feb
    Star02: ICSI planned for Jan/Feb. Short protocol
    loveactually: IVF planned for Feb. LP starting 14/2
    Wonder_woman: IVF planned for Feb/Mar
    Isla_red: ICSI planned for Feb. No slots so waiting for a new date
    lisawood78: Preparing for first Surrogacy IVF cycle. Est March 2014
    good vibes: ICSI planned for Feb14.

    Ovulation induction (Clomid unless otherwise stated)
    cwtw (insolitol)
    Jammy26: Clomid started Jan/14. 50mg
    tinkwings: Monitored cycle.
    Littleme82: On Clomid. HSG looks fine; FS appointment 04/03/14
    MrsDavo : Clomid 150mg, and Metformin 1500mg to try and induce ovulation, Next App 7th August 14.

    Awaiting FS or other appointment.
    angeltreats. awaiting IVF and varicocele repair in early 2014
    Bigmomma - fighting with stupid doctors for a referral
    Chocolaholic_chic: CD21 Bloods in Feb.
    Clevernamehere - referred to FS for fibroids.
    codemonkey: Deciding on next steps
    Danielley. discharged from FS - Referred for IVF
    Floaty: awaiting Lap&Dye 23rd Jan then, hopefully, referral for IVF.
    FairyDiamond: IVF Consultation 3/2/14
    Gettingthereslowly: First IVF meeting 4/2/14
    GlasweJen: Surrogacy preparation.
    goodvibes. Late Feb with FS for next steps.
    onestep (adoption)
    Picklekin: 2nd opinion referral
    Skint_Catt: Awaiting referal for pituitary growth
    Smookle: IVF/ICSI referral Jan 2014
    tia86: PCOS scan w/c 17/2. FS appointment start of March
    vesper. Doing d2/21 bloods at the moment. Appointment 8 Feb

    Recent graduates:
    • Whattodonow: IVF LP. DR 15/12. Stim 4/1. EC 17/1. 19 eggs collected, 16 fertilised. 1,5dET 22/1 225iu Merional bfp.gif 02/02/14
    • Time2deal. ICSI SP. Stim 3/1. EC 15/1. 9 eggs collected. 5 fertilised. 1x5dET 20/01 AMH 6.6. 450iu Menopur + Centrotide. bfp.gif01/02/14
    • Peonie. IVF SP. Stim 1/1. EC 15/1. 13 eggs collected. 8 fertilized. 1x5dET 20/01. bfp.gif31/01/14
    • teaandcakeordeath. Natural bfp.giffrom 'just relaxing'! 26/01/14
    • Purcy81. Natural bfp.gif 7/12/2013
    • Derby2. Long protocol IVF. bfp.gif1/12/2013
  • tea_lover
    tea_lover Posts: 8,261 Forumite
    OMG this is not going well! Now I've got the summary bit in the first post but it's old and probably doesn't have the right people. If someone else just wants to start another thread with the right info we could delete this one.... I won't be at all offended.
  • Mrs_T_M
    Mrs_T_M Posts: 2,039 Forumite
    I've made a new general TTC board today as well, so if anyone here would like your name off (or on) the list on that thread, please let me know. I'm trying to get everything updated!

    I hope that all of us get our BFP's and stickies soon! *hugs*
    Baby Dale
    26th January 2014 - Forever in our hearts
    Eli Gabriel 19th February 2015
  • tea_lover
    tea_lover Posts: 8,261 Forumite
    Hi Mrs TM. I'm not sure if I'm still on the other list but if I am, I'd like to come off it please. Nice to see you posting, have been thinking of you, your OH and baby Dale. You're in my thoughts and prayers xx.
  • Hi Mrs TM - could you also please remove me from that TTC thread. Thank you. Hope you're ok.

    Next time the list is updated on the front could I please be changed to say (and the age will be correct next week!)

    Littleme: Me 32; DP 45. TTC since 09.2012. Blood tests show low progesterone; DP SA not great; prescribed clomid currently on 8th cycle; scans last year all ok; HSG looks fine; seeing FS to discuss next steps on 04.03.14.

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