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Good board games

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  • I really like LOGO too. If you are looking for something strategic, challenging and extremely addictive, there is a co-operative board game called 'pandemic' which is great. You play against the board game rather than against each other.
  • New board games:
    Pandemic Legacy
    Blood Rage
    T.I.M.E Stories
    Tiny Epic Galaxies
    Forbidden Stars
    7 Wonders Duel
    The Game
  • JasXJasX Forumite
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    I've played a few of these
    luzy9090 wrote: »
    New board games:
    Codenames - An excellent choice for top of the list, word association that both entertains competative gamers and my 74 year old mother can keep up with at christmas. Cheap too so very MSE

    Pandemic Legacy - excellent but needs a regular group of 4 people to play the campaign over a period of months, not one you can dip in and out of

    Blood Rage - People rave about it, I own it and haven't had it grab me

    T.I.M.E Stories - Good but each campaign is essentially a 'can only play once' affair

    Tiny Epic Galaxies

    504 - not for those uncomfortable for mildly complex and changing rules

    Forbidden Stars - a decent but long (4 hour) area control spaceship game

    7 Wonders Duel - a nice 2 player 'long filler' game

    Mysterium - This is fun, a mixture of cluedo style murder solving with abstract picture clue cards

    The Game
  • Doom, fallout-4, overwatch are the games.
  • LuriyaLuriya Forumite
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    sorta a board game, but not really cause there's no board, but if you guys have an xbox one I'd recommend The Jack Party Pack. There really is only three games worth it in the pack, from You Don't Know Jack, Fibbage, and Drawful, but there's something for everyone there. I would check it out for those looking for family game night or just hanging with friends as some games have anywhere from 2 plays or upwards to 15+ players
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    JasX wrote: »
    I've played a few of these
    My wife and I are playing through Pandemic Legacy and TIME Stories at the moment. Both are very different to traditional board games in that they offer a finite experience, and as a result are more narrative driven than other games.

    Both would probably technically work better with three or four people, but we're having a great time just the two of us. You absolutely don't need the same group of people each play through for either of them, though it would be more desirable for TIME Stories than Pandemic Legacy. We played the first few games of Pandemic Legacy with four players and have played every game since with the two of us, and that works just fine.

    It is worth noting that Pandemic Legacy is currently the top ranked game on Board Game Geek, which is no small feat. Having played through a lot of it I can absolutely see why that is. It is fantastic.

    On a side note, personally I don't think the finite nature of these games should put people off buying them from a value for money perspective. You'll get at least 12 games out of Pandemic Legacy, though probably more, and the sheer quality of it will certainly not leave you feeling short changed. There is more of a value argument to be made against TIME Stories because you'll get between one and three play throughs for the base game and most expansions (the expansions being £20 each). That very much depends on how much you enjoy TIME Stories. Viewed like any other form of media or entertainment is still offers good value for money if you enjoy it.
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    Topix is great for families - perfect for young adults.
    Labyrinth is also quite fun - gots to be very cunning.

    Older games worth having:

    Escape from Atlantis - The island is shrinking. Get your people to safety while battling sea monsters, whirlpools, octopus and dolphins.

    Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs - Escape from the valley without getting caught by dinosaurs. Sounds simple... not so much.

    The London Game - Comes in many forms. Very similar to Taxi and The Great British Train Game. Start at a station. Visit others. Go back to home station, while dealing with closures, diversions and all sorts.
  • Not technically a board game I know but Cards Against Humanity is just the best.
  • piggehpiggeh Forumite
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    You should look for 'gateway games' as anything too complex is difficult to get going unless you are all avid board gamers. I have some games that looks really fun but my friends always get put off when you have to read the instructions in some depth before playing.

    Ones I've found easy to grasp:

    Castle of Mad King Ludwig
    Ticket to Ride

    7 wonders takes few play throughs but seems to be well liked at the moment.

    Forbidden Desert/Island are both fairly cheap and well rated

    I did buy 'The haunting at house on the hill' which looks really interesting but never persuaded anyone to give it a go. Similarly Smallworld is an area control type game but a bit different and again has been difficult to persuade anyone to play it.
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    I find Chain Reaction and Don't Panic fun, both similar and you need to think fast with a time limit.
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