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Good board games

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  • Jake0307Jake0307 Forumite
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    Draughts for a simple game - used to love draughts when I was a kid.

    Monopoly helped me with basic numeracy at a young age, too. If anyone wants a good game to help their young kids with numbers/early-stage multiplication, make them play monopoly. :money:
    :T :money: :T
  • Hey, I really like this game LOGO. It's really very challenging and mindset game and also very addictive too. If Anyone told me to choose the chess or LOGO game, then I will go for a LOGO game. Just try to play and then you also crazy about it.
  • The Nasty Horse Racing Game is the last board game I got. Certainly gets the pulses racing!
  • Issey222Issey222 Forumite
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    No better board game than Munchkin!

  • nkkingstonnkkingston Forumite
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    No love for Love Letter? So quick and easy to pick up, can play with a good range of players, and really addictive. The Tempest games are interesting because they all take place within the same narrative setting, with different styles of play. We've got Love Letter, Courtier and Canalis (it's mostly just two of us, so we haven't bothered with anything that needs 3+ players). Love Letter is a card game, Courtier is a political, point-scoring game, and Canalis is a tile-laying game. Of the three we've got, Canalis is the weakest, partly because the instructions aren't well written, and partly because for the style of game the competition (like Catan or Carcassone) outstrips it.

    Another shout out for the Pandemic games. We've got all of them so far (including the 'travel' version, Pandemic: The Cure) and are in the autumn of Legacy. It's easier playing with fewer people, to be honest. Really looking forward to the historic Spanish one they released a trailer for recently.

    Also, Forbidden Island and Desert. Lovely games, and the tins are a nice touch in a stack of cardboard boxes!

    Takenoko is a cute tile-laying game about the ongoing battle between a Panda and a Gardener for bamboo. I think it's out of print over here now, but worth buying if you can get hold of it, and a child friendly game (though weirdly, the rule books in various languages suggest it's age 8+ in French, German and Spanish, but 13+ in English!).

    One we play with friends and love is Kill Doctor Lucky. Think Cluedo, but you're trying to commit the murder, not solve it! It's got a great sense of humour, but it gets a bit drawn out if you're playing with too many//few people. The other popular group one is the card game Braggart - you're a sword and sorcery type hero spinning yarns in a pub somewhere, but your listeners keep calling you out on your lies.
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  • Just try munchkin
  • teddysmumteddysmum Forumite
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    When I was a teacher, even the lower ability (secondary age)children used to love playing the maths club's game Troke or Castle Checkers.

    It was a strategy game, easily mastered, which involved moving four castles ,made of tower, walls and moat across the board, while capturing opponents sections let you move them away from their goal.

    It's been an expensive retro for ages, as it was popular in the 1950-1960s, but I now see it's available to download for production on a 3D printer.
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    Griffster77Griffster77 Forumite
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    Zombicide is genuinely epic

    I second this!!

    Splendor is an excellent game that can by played very well by 2 but is even better with 3-4.

    I'd also recommend an oldie called Great Game of Britain - many fun hours playing that with the inlaws.

    Guillotine is a good fast paced card game to fill a few minutes.

    The Fluxx card games are fun and can while away a decent amount of time without too much effort.
  • I can't believe Buccaneer isn't on this list, hard to find now but the greatest pirate/plunder game I ever played.
  • Cindicator wrote: »
    Just try munchkin

    Have been looking at Munchkin, Fluxx and Small World but again the question of two player versions raised it's head.

    Anyone got any experience?
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