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Good board games

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  • Is Axis & Allies any good?
  • For two players the game Patchwork is excellent, quirky and quick to finish.

    I also recommend any and all of the games based on Terry Pratchett books, all excellent for more than 2 players and give you good laugh if you know the books.
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    I bought Forbidden Island after reading this thread (supposed to be saving money!) and played it last night. Pretty easy to pick up, thought it was easy and we were set up to win but lost Fools Landing. Quite a clever game.

    Fun game.
  • I absolutely love The Logo Board Game :D
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    ALIBOBSY wrote: »
    This thread makes for interesting reading, was always a big board game fan with my family when growing up and am trying to keep the kids into them as well.

    Love the classics, but want to try some newer games as well.

    Would love any tips on which games can be played by a range of ages, got the new version of game of life which has changed quite a bit and added extra bits, like miming etc which the kids loved. Kids are 5, 8, 13, and 17. Youngest can deal with game of life no problem.

    Ali x

    Hi. I thought I would reply because my kids are similar ages. (5, 7, 13, 15). In all honesty we mainly play board games in the evening, after the younger two have gone to bed, but two games that we have successfully played with the younger kids are Jamaica and King of Tokyo.

    Our current games collection consists of:
    Ticket to Ride
    Settlers of Catan
    Shadows over Camelot
    The cave
    King of Tokyo

    Plus we have all the 'regular types of game' Monopoly, Smart !!!, Logo, Risk, Chess, Articulate, Othello, Trivial Pursuit, guess who and more.......

    As you can see we love our board games :p

    I have on my 'to buy list' Small World, Carcasonne, Settlers Star Trek... and loads more actually;):o

    I use Board Game Geek, but I also like to watch DiceTower reviews on youtube :D

    Mel x
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  • Jungle's amazing!

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    Is Axis & Allies any good?
    It is a more complicated version of risk - I like it, but you need other enthusiastic participants willing to give up at least a day to play it fully. Unlike Risk, there are a number of different types of units - naval and land based - which have different functions and limitations e.g. submarines for attacking ships, anti-aircraft guns etc. Takes a bit to get going but I'd say it is good for someone who likes risk and wants to take it to a higher level.
    A new game we've started playing is called Caverna - took a couple of hours to work through the rules, but once we got started it was great. Can be played on your own or up to 7 players. Basically a resource gathering game based on trolls living in caves. Worth a look.
  • Chess is the best board game ever
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    Mammoth14 wrote: »
    Chess is the best board game ever

    you really should try something more modern....
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