MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Paris split her winnings with Nicole?



  • Quillion
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    No No No

    She would have been happy with the return of the 20 if she hadn't won anything so she shouldn't expect a share. If she was a true friend she would be happy for her to win some money. If it was me i would be treaating my friend anyway but not inclined to do this if they moaned about it.
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  • torbrex
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    If she asked for a share definitly no, however a true friend would be happy to see a win coming so close to 'home' and would never think of asking for anything.
  • Should Nicole get some of Paris's lottery dosh? Hell, no! Paris was going to have to repay the £1 in any case so it was her call to gamble the money and the gamble paid off. Nicole's investment in Paris was at 0% interest. For a better return,she should've played the lottery herself.
  • chamb7914
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    i think there is a lot of hard luck its the luck of the draw type messages here....if Nicole had a friend that she could lend £20 quid to then its equally
  • chamb7914
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    i think there is a lot of hard luck its the luck of the draw type messages here....if Nicole had a friend that she could lend £20 quid to then its equally as likely that Nicole would look at Paris as someone who in the eventof a lucky win would slip a few quid the way of her friend. If it was me then i would give Nicole a quid for a seriously as a good friend i would probably give her a couple of grand by way of appreciation....although i do agree that Nicole is being slightly spoilt child about it all.......if Paris bought a dodgy kebab with the money and got the runs would nicole demand the runs too me thinks not lololol
  • W_s_n
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    If that was me, then I would give part of the money. 1/20th would be fair.
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  • Mics_chick
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    An easy one NO!!!
    ...coz they had no sort of agreement.

    ...but if it was my friend and she was a really close friend then I would give her some of it - probably even half depending on my own financial circumstances...
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  • Marisan
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    As soon as Nicole agreed to lend the £20 to Paris,it became Paris' money to do what she wanted.Paris is under no obligation to share her winnings with Nicole,but it would be a nice gesture if she offered some (not half though).
    Their friendship is worth more than money,and it was kind of Nicole to lend Paris the money in the first place.If it were me I would want to offer some,not because I felt I had to,but because I would value the friendship.
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  • kfer_kaz
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    Innys wrote: »

    Paris should, instead, give the money to a charity set up to rehabilitate ex-cons...

    omg too funny :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
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    2009 won so far £0:rotfl:
    All together now..........
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  • Aspal
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    puddings wrote: »
    Heres a REAL money dilemma that I face at the mo...

    in 2002 Tina fell behind with her mortgage payments to the extent that her small house was about to be repossessed. (It was worth about £30k and she owed about £17k at the time) Because of the area that it was in she was struggling to sell it and was ready to hand the keys over to the bank.
    Puddings came along and warned his friend Tina about the long term problems that she would have raising credit etc if she let her house be repossesed. The total amount owed to the bank was £17k so Puds offered to buy the house for that amount plus any of Tinas costs involved in selling it like Solicitors fees etc.
    Tina sold it to Puds at a bargain price but thus avoiding repossession giving Tina a clean slate to start again.
    Puds rented it out for a few years and in 2007 the house was sold making a profit of £35k.
    Today Tina and puds are still good friends. Tina's still skint and puds has the money in the bank which he feels a bit guilty about.
    So should Puds share it?

    Where on earth did you find a house worth £30k in 2002, and how come it was only worth 17+35 = £52k in 2007?? Strange (low) figures!!!!

    That aside, looking at it logically, I would say that you originally contributed 17/30 and she contributed 13/30 of the equity in 2002, and in all fairness should probably split the proceeds on that very rarely goes down in value, and the amount of the outstanding loan is hardly a fair price to pay for a property!! Selling a property for half its value just to avoid a reposession doesn't seem like a great deal to me, and I don't think I'd have done that to a friend - I can't believe she just agreed to write off £13k equity in her house!

    TBH tho it's very easy for me to say that as I haven't got £35k sitting in the bank, or a guilty conscience telling me I should pay my mate 52*13/30 = £22k!!!! (To be fair should split sale proceeds not profit, as she should be repaid her share of the cost of the house too!) Plus you've presumably made a profit on the renting out over the years too!

    I think I would have to give her the £13k equity she lost out on in 2002 as a minimum.

    Just my opinion!! ;)
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