MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Paris split her winnings with Nicole?



  • Pound
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    She should give some winnings to the supermarket manager, because she wouldn't have had the pound without those bargains.
  • It's no hardship for Paris to do the decent thing. After all, she's still £25,000 to the good; which she wouldn't have had without Nicole's kindness.
    Isn't it a bit selfish to want to keep the whole lot? Offer half I say. After all, Nicole may say she's quite happy with a grand or two, and Paris gets the best of both worlds!
  • kiranj
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    Absolutely not. Nicole lent Paris the money, so the money was hers to do what she ill. If Paris decided to give Nicole some extra on top of the £20 she borrowed, then that's up to her. But Nicole shouldn't be asking for it - that's just trying to ride on someone else's good fortune.
  • of course she should, thats what friends are for.
  • zzzLazyDaisy
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    It would be a nice gesture if Paris gave Nicole a share of the winnings as a 'thank you'. But she doesn't actually 'owe' Nicole anything, she is under no obligation to give her anything at all, so if she does decide to give her some of the winnings, Nicole should accept gracefully and be grateful!
    I'm a retired employment solicitor. Hopefully some of my comments might be useful, but they are only my opinion and not intended as legal advice.
  • tripled
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    Nicole should be pleased for Paris not b*tching about it. She's obviously not a true friend and should be told to go and jump.

    Had she not asked, Paris should do something, perhaps take her on holiday or have a night out or two as a mark of appreciation.

    If a neighbour of mine won a prize like that with money I lent them, I would expect a couple of pints. If it was a good mate, I'd expect them to stand me a night on the lash, but that would be about it.
  • JeffMinter
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    Nope, wouldn't stop the lender feeling jealous of course :)

    A few years ago I would have thought different, but this is just like the countless investments that occur daily; lender provides capital for someone else to do something with it, they reap the rewards - or losses. The only condition being to pay back interest, so in friends' terms I guess this translates into a good meal out, party or holiday for them.
  • Innys
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    Paris should, instead, give the money to a charity set up to rehabilitate ex-cons...
  • bigpat
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    The money was lent "no strings attached" over the weekend so she should keep the winnings. If you get a loan for anew TV and manage to sdave £100 (through Moneysaver of course), you can spend that extra £100 however you wnat, including gambling. Any winnnings are yours.
  • Antj87
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    give her her £20 back on monday with a thank you!

    thats it!
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