MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Paris split her winnings with Nicole?



  • There is of course no obligation on either side, other that repaying the original £20, however I would think that both should consider how deep their friendship really is - Nicole for asking, and Paris for not wanting to share her good fortune with Nicole (to whatever degree)
  • No
    If it was me who'd leant her the quid, then yes, she should share...but then. I'm not known for my consistency/fairness!
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  • No she shouldn't have to, however she could buy her friend a decent thank you present with the winnings, or take her out for a nice meal perhaps!
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  • ellielou_2
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    I would give her a share of the money but I certainly wouldn't feel obliged to.
    Any friend who insists they are entitled to share because they lent you the money in the first place isn't worth knowing.
    I've lent cash to my friends in the past but wouldn't expect a share of any winnings if they won, the same way they wouldn't give me back any less if they'd lost it.
  • weiran
    weiran Posts: 16 Forumite
    I just bought a lottery ticket on my credit card and won £10 million. I think I'll give £5 million to my bank.
  • No, if she'd lost Nicole wouldn't have paid for half the ticket.

    Perhaps as a friend do something nice like take her on holiday but no need to split the winnings!
  • comics
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    Hell no is nicole entitled to the winnings. The ticket was on a spur of the moment and wasn't pre-agreed that it would be used to buy a ticket. Morally it would depend on how close S/He is with their Neighbour, I would probably give a max of £5,000 (, but I'm not close with my neighbours, and [technicially] I always have spare cash at home). Half of all my big wins would always go to my parents.

    I would personally like this kind of deal arrangement though. I'll make an agreement with everyone in the country, that if they put up the money and buy the ticket, I'll picket the numbers. Any winning we split 50/50. ;D
  • nullogik
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    No Paris does not owe anything Nicole.

    Luck of the draw really, good luck to Paris! Nicole can buy here own lottery ticket
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  • Liney_2
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    No I don't think she should - if she wants to give her some of the winnings its up to her but she only technically owes her friend the £20 back she borrowed.
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