MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Paris split her winnings with Nicole?



  • A judgment call really. There was no prior agreeement, the money was loaned out of friendship, perhaps do something nice as a friend (take her on hols or somin like that) but is she entitled?... nope.

    Ask the question, if you spent the money she loaned on something illegal would she want to share in the consequences if caught?? I think not.

    If she's a good friend she should not expect anything... If your a good friend you should do something nice without having to be asked. After all she did something nice in lending you the money.
  • No, she should not even tell her - or anyone for that matter. She should buy a £50,000 Investment Bond and forget about it until she's 60
  • Well, legally speaking, Nicole doesn't have a leg to stand on. There is a 'contract' of sorts here: Nicole lends Paris £20 on the implied condition she gets it back. No interest. No penalties. No timescales.

    If Paris returns the £20 in reasonable time, then she has fulfilled her side of the informal contract. There are no other obligations.

    At the time Paris spent the £1 on the lottery ticket, the money was hers. If she had not won, would she have had a claim on Nicole for 50p, ie halving the loss? No, of course not.

    Nicole would have had to have stipulated as a pre-condition of the loan that, if the money was gambled, she would be eligible for half the winnings but not for any loss.

    I suggest that the next time you lend a friend some money, you make this clear, in order to cut yourself into a loss-free gamble!
  • No way should she get half!
    But I do think that Paris must give her something, £120 maybe. The fact is Paris needed money and Nicole was there for her. Nicole could have said no then Paris would have starved for the weekend (Bet she's used 2 that though!) Nicole must really trust Paris to lend her the money coz these days no1 pays it back! To thank her for her generosity, she should give her an amount as a thank you.
    I'm getting older, and lifes getting harder!:mad:
  • kate2510
    kate2510 Posts: 81 Forumite
    No obligations arise from this loan - the money belongs to Paris fair and square. If Nicole is a very good friend then offering small share (5%) or a gift would be a nice gesture.
  • puddings_2
    puddings_2 Posts: 1,889 Forumite
    I agree with tripled...

    A return of the £20 plus a "thankyou" such as a few pints or a night out as a gesture of goodwill, the actual level of which based a) on the depth of their friendship and b) Paris' generosity

    The "thankyou" by the way would not be because of the lottery win but because Nicole trusted Paris and lent it at 0%apr !
  • No, I don't think Paris should split her winnings as she had intentions of paying Nicole back & had she not had to borrow the money, the ticket would have been hers anyway
  • puddings_2
    puddings_2 Posts: 1,889 Forumite
    Heres a REAL money dilemma that I face at the mo...

    in 2002 Tina fell behind with her mortgage payments to the extent that her small house was about to be repossessed. (It was worth about £30k and she owed about £17k at the time) Because of the area that it was in she was struggling to sell it and was ready to hand the keys over to the bank.
    Puddings came along and warned his friend Tina about the long term problems that she would have raising credit etc if she let her house be repossesed. The total amount owed to the bank was £17k so Puds offered to buy the house for that amount plus any of Tinas costs involved in selling it like Solicitors fees etc.
    Tina sold it to Puds at a bargain price but thus avoiding repossession giving Tina a clean slate to start again.
    Puds rented it out for a few years and in 2007 the house was sold making a profit of £35k.
    Today Tina and puds are still good friends. Tina's still skint and puds has the money in the bank which he feels a bit guilty about.
    So should Puds share it?
  • aidyonline
    aidyonline Posts: 23 Forumite
    no way, the money was a loan and the only agreement was to pay it paid back, not have have a return on any 'investment'! if paris hadn't won anything would she have expected nicole to chip in half the price of the lottery ticket?! Paris can buy Nicole a present or something if she wants to but is in no way obligated and if nicole is suggesting otherwise then she has a cheek!
  • If the bank had repossessed Tina's house and sold it for more than her debts then she would have got the extra back in her pocket. If you think that might have happened then you could pass her some of your earnings. However, since she was struggling to sell, I guess so would her bank, which probably means they wouldn't have got "market rate" for it either.

    You got her out of a sticky situation and may not have necessarily had the money to pay the market rate (or whatever the bank would have sold it for) anyway. So you shouldn't feel guilty. She made her decision and as far as she's concerned, you helped her out. You also could have made a loss on it, or had hideous tenants. You wouldn't expect her to give you a refund would you? Make a decision and then don't feel guilty. You've been a good friend.

    As for Paris, keep quiet that it was winnings from the £20 for a simple life (ha ha), then treat Nicole to a fancy day out at a spa, or a night out, or even a holiday.
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