MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Paris split her winnings with Nicole?



  • MichA_3
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    Paris won that money fair and square. If she cracked her tooth on something she bought with that money would her friend pay her compensation because if she hadnt lent her the money she wouldnt have cracked her tooth... Somehow I doubt it. Yep, it hurts, but once lent the money wasnt hers any more. You dont own what was bought with the money, all you want is your money back, and thats all you should get.
  • SMD_3
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    I think Paris should certainly split her winnings with Nicole ( although not necessarily 50/50) simply out of gratitude! I don't think she's absolutely morally obliged to do so but to make a gesture, eg £5,000 or £10,000 is the right thing to do in my opinion.
  • Of course not. The test is to take the reverse situation. If Paris had bought a £1 lottery ticket but not won anything would Nicole have stumped up for half the cost on Monday when Paris was repaying the loan?

    Or, if Paris had borrowed the same money from a bank, would they be demanding a share of her winnings?

    Unless a share in any lottery winnings was a condition of the loan the prize fund belongs to Paris alone.

    And she can do just what she wants with it .... and that includes giving some to her friend Nicole if she so chooses.
  • I sometimes wonder if this is a symptom of how society has changed. Everyone wants to ride on the success/greed/luck of everyone else, while doing nothing themselves. If you don't split bills 50-50, you get evil looks. If you don't buy someone a drink (even if there's no way to repay the favour), you get evil looks. And if you win a raffle/lottery/gambling, and refuse to share your winnings with whoever you tell or whoever you went with, then people cast you aside and think you're a bad person. It's your money, you can spend it as you wish - and if you turn that £1 into £50,000 then you should get to spend it as you want. I bet that if the roles were reversed, Paris wouldn't get a penny from her "friend" Nicole.

    Mind you, if I was Paris, I'd be fearful of a lawsuit, Nicole might try to sue Paris for taking her money, playing the lottery, and refusing to give her her share of the winnings. In today's society, I guess anything's possible...

    (Paris, use the money to move to a different area, with friends who value you as a person, not as someone who they can rip off all the time...)
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  • cranhill
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    If she had not won anything, Nicole would not say that's okay just pay me back £19.50, However if it was me I would give her a token amount say £1000 or £2000. It really depends how much of a friend she is...
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    Should she split her winnings - as in 'ought' she ? No way.
    When you lend a friend money it has to be without strings (or judegment on how they intend to spend it).

    However, I think a good friend would share their winnings, no matter how the ticket was funded - and maybe hand over as much as half of it, if it was bought with their loan. But I think that is a personal feeling about friendship - it would not be a moral obligation.
  • I don't think she should.

    On the basis that they are neighbours anyway and there was no mention of them being friends, Paris should have kept quiet (which she clearly didn't) and given Nicole the £20 back on Monday as agreed and the only moral dilemma she would have found herself with would have been 'should I have told her about my windfall?'

    Only when good things happen as a result of someone doing somebody else a favour is a moral dilemma created. Negative things are considered as 'your own choice', but it should apply to both situations.

    If I think about this a bit more, I would like to do that Lottery, as you don't get that much for 5 balls in our Lotto unless you have the bonus ball with it!
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    OH PLEASE!!! All she should get back is £20 and maybe and extra fiver just to say thanks :-)
  • user051105
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    No, but make sure she gets the £20 back straight away
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  • Paris owes Nicole £20 and a big favour. Paris wouldn't have been able to buy food without Nicole's generosity. Nicole was a good friend for lending the money at 0% interest to help her friend in need. Paris should find some suitable way to return the favour such as paying for both to go on holiday. If Nicole is quite hard up then giving cash could be more appropriate, say £200 as 10 times what she lent.

    Friendship's worth more than money.
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