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Beware- Vodafone misleading "loyalty" offer

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    At beginning of this month I was called by onecom saying I could renew my contract. I asked about a personal one and agent told me a business one was better. Offered me a s20 handset and free mifi device, didn't really understand or need one but was told contract would be 67,50 per month with or without device.  Was told the reason for this price was the handset being worth 1k which I've since found out isn't the case, and that they were doing a discounted deal and giving a free device. My phone arrived within the time they said, after setting everything up I found a slight scratch on screen as it arrived without a protective film, reported this and was told I would receive a replacement in 2 days...never arrived.  Chased it up and was told stock had run out, promised delivery on 22nd may, 10 days later... never arrived.  Chased up again to be told 28th may and was offered £40 compensation.  Then found out the contract was overpriced and the phone contact was worth £46 not the £67, so complained... was offered a £5 reduction to £41 a month, and a 5g replacement phone that I was assured would be despatched today. I asked why I was being charged so much if the phone contact as worth 46 and the mifi was free yet he had told me the phone contract was worth 46, to be told my 5 discount would now make it 62 not 67 because that's what I agreed, and couldn't cancel as there was no cooling off period bearing in mind I still have no replacement phone 3 weeks later.  Clearly the supposed free mifi device wasn't free and I am paying an extra monthly price on top of the phone contract.  Have exchanged several emails complaining,  and still nothing about the despatch of the replacement phone.  Basically they're saying I will still have to pay 62 per month whether I keep the mifi device or not at was agreed on phone, but I was definitely mis sold, talked into a business one over a personal one and mislead that this device was free.... when I try and ring vodaphone directly I get put through to onecom... surely the are in breach by not supplying the replacement now on the 3 times promised, and misleading information on the contract... any help or advice?
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