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If your boyfriend/hubby gave you this a pressie for xmas what would you think ?


  • Depends on the taste of the woman.

    Personally I'd hate it, as I never wear gold (white or otherwise) jewellery and find heart shapes and diamonds/white crystals to be a thoughtless fall back for people buying jewellery. As tbh all sparkly hearts look the same to me and show a lack of interest in the types of thing I'd actually wear (coloured stones, silver, unusual shapes and designs).

    On the other hand my Mum and sister would love it.
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  • I agree with scubaangel. It depends. I love jewellery but it's not for me. Maybe, if I was 18 and in love...?
  • It wouldn't be something I would choose myself.
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  • Don't like it at all but I guess there will be some ladies that will.
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    Not keen on it at my age (40) but would of happily worn it when I was about 18 to 22 sort of age group.
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    Jewellery is quite personal, and something one person likes is not guaranteed to be liked by the next person.

    Personally I don't like it, but I know others that definitely would.

    Are you thinking of this for a gift? If so, think about the type and style of jewellery they currently wear - is it similar style?
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    Personally, I think it's hideous.

    And whenever I see the word 'Swarovski' I think 'cheap and tacky' - I may be wrong about that, but it's what I think.

    However ... if that's the kind of thing the lady wears, by all means go ahead.

    I'd be relieved to find you hadn't paid 'full price' for it.
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  • I received this for my birthday just under a month ago. I love it; it isn't garish in real life and is quite small and delicate. I've worn it on several occasions and had many compliments on it. My one friend was dropping hints to her OH to ask my OH where he got it from.

    I normally only wear white gold jewellery and only small/dainty pieces, I don't like large jewellery.

    If it is of any use I'm 27 and my friend is also 27.

    As previoulsy mentioned, compare it to what the lady in question already wears and that should help you decide.
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    Well of the ladies I know, L (early 40s) would hate it - but she doesn't wear "sparkly" at all
    K would love it (mid 30s)
    C would be ok with it - neither love it or nor hate it (mid 30s)
    A would absolutely adore it (early 20s)

    It's quite a young set so bear that in mind :)
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    without meaning to sound too shallow, if my boyfriend gave me a jewellery set that cost £19 from groupon, I wouldn't be chuffed.

    but then again, he buys his shirts from Hugo Boss and will think nothing of spending £100 on a night out, so I guess it's all relative.
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