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Build Your Savings Challenge

edited 4 December 2013 at 11:34PM in Debt-free wannabe challenges
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  • Domayne wrote: »
    Morning all! First payment of £200 taken out of my account to my ISA today!
    Savings so far - £230/£6000 :j :j
    Hope everyone is doing well and had a nice Christmas! :)

    Well done, fantastic start.

    I am still looking for a job so will take me a while to get started.

    D xxx
  • Can I join please?

    I would like to save £1500 by the end of the year - current savings are a meagre £19.55, but its something! I am paid weekly but my job is only guaranteed until March, so I'm going to aim for £25 per week (No commuting costs as I live round the corner and can take own food) and anything left on a Thursday will be put in as well.
  • Count me in too please. I'm aiming to save £2000 by December 31st 2014 using various savings accounts.
    £2 Savers Club 2014 #38 | 20p Savers Club 2014 #37 | 50p Savers Club 2014 #29
    £365 in 365 days #89 £9/£365 | DFBX2014 challenge #023 £70/£6500
    Weekly Saving Challenge 2014 #30 £6/£1378
    Save 12k in 2014 #159 £80.62/£2000
  • Please add me to this. Okay so I did well this year reducing debt. Last credit card payment due soon so this will free up some much needed cash. Also got a wage rise which although modest is welcomed. I did the sealed pot challenge for Christmas and managed to have some left from Christmas fund for 2014.

    So all in all my aim is in line with this thread. Aim is to put money into various funds and reduce mortgage by making overpayments. Savings are kid uni fund; main savings account; Christmas savings account will continue.

    Today I managed to put my wage rise and some savings from jar in house into Christmas fund; money into kid's uni fund; overpay mortgage by £25; put savings into main fund. Any O/T I get will also be split amongst these.

    Feeling more in control of finances that any time in my working life (almost 25 years). This website is great and the forum rocks.
  • jacci45jacci45 Forumite
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    Hi, can you add me please, I will start Jan 1st!
    0/5500 by Dec 31st 2014
    Thank you very much and good luck everyone.
  • DomayneDomayne Forumite
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    Debt-free and Proud!
    Thanks dollyrocker! Good luck on finding a new job and happy new year!! :)
    I've joined the save 12k in 2014 thread as I'm not sure if the OP is still maintaining this one :/
    Saved so far - £28,890.97
    ~Selfish is the name that the jealous give to the free~
    Save 12k in 2019 #18 £5,489.43/12000
  • Hey everyone sorry I haven't updated ot posted anything recently, I don't get too much time on here now with college starting again.

    I've put £6.00 in my savings so far making the total £250.30

    I will update everyone when I can xx
    FebNSD:1/14 (TotalNSDs:12NSDs|SPC#054 £0.52(£6.00 banked)|RR#90Jan£0.07(Total:£0.07)|ES:£1.00/£50.00|£6.00/£359.00SavingsRepayment
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