Build Your Savings Challenge

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Rules & Guidelines
  • Please declare your total for the month on the last week of each month. I will make a post reminding people a week before and during the week. I would prefer it if you can put your totals in bold or a bright colour however Please don’t post in yellow my poor eyes can’t really see that colour (sorry people. I know this one is a little rubbish to abide by) .
  • Everything must be saved between those 2 dates for them to count in our end of year count.
  • Any way of inheriting money is allowed to be saved as long as it is going towards your savings goal. This includes: Interest in your savings account, second jobs, “Road kill”, Savings tin, birthday/Christmas money, over time in work etc…

General Information:
If you wish to join please post your Savings goal and your savings goal deadline as well as your starting amount if you have one. Members can choose to end earlier if they have their own specific target date or deadline. This challenge is renewed yearly so that new goals can be started and our current goals can still be carried on and moved over to the next year.
Please only join if you are serious!

I will keep a document on my google drive account which will have everyone on the list. This list contains members saving goals, deadlines of when they want to reach the goal, starting amounts if they have one, total so far and the totals for each month. This document will be made viewable to everyone. If you don’t want anyone to see your progress on the list, please do tell me either in the thread or in a PM. I will make your section invisible.

You may wish to track down your own progress by jotting it down in a notebook or by downloading some applications for your phone/tablet/computer etc such as ;
* SavingMadeSimple – free on android
* QuickJar - free on android

Build Your Savings Progress Document

Build Your Savings Monthly Update Form

You may stick around and chat as long as it doesn't go completely off-topic.

Please do not feel ashamed if you are having a bad week/month/year.
We all have our troubles.
FebNSD:1/14 (TotalNSDs:12NSDs|SPC#054 £0.52(£6.00 banked)|RR#90Jan£0.07(Total:£0.07)|ES:£1.00/£50.00|£6.00/£359.00SavingsRepayment


  • LeopardPrintsAndTea
    LeopardPrintsAndTea Posts: 212 Forumite
    edited 20 January 2014 at 1:04PM
    1. LeopardPrintsAndTea - £6.00 / £359.00 by Dec 31st 2014
    2. Simply_Saving - £00.00 / £1,000 by December 31st 2014
    3. Domayne - £00.00 / £6000 by December 31st 2014
    4. hummingbird - £00.00 / £2,000
    5. Goldiegirl - £00.00/ £18,000 by December 31st 2014
    6. Spendysave - £00.00 / £1,000
    7. soontobemrsg - £80.00 / £1,000 by December 31st 2014
    FebNSD:1/14 (TotalNSDs:12NSDs|SPC#054 £0.52(£6.00 banked)|RR#90Jan£0.07(Total:£0.07)|ES:£1.00/£50.00|£6.00/£359.00SavingsRepayment
    • you can use the 1% challenge to help you reach your goal.
    • Put £10 - £20 away each month from your wages or put away 20% of your wages
    • Put £1 in your savings goal account for every No Spend Day you have.
    • Take part in my other challenge – “£10 Luxury Week” challenge where you only have £10 to spend on yourself for the week (This is only for you and doesn’t count your family, food shopping & bills etc.)

    more to come soon
    FebNSD:1/14 (TotalNSDs:12NSDs|SPC#054 £0.52(£6.00 banked)|RR#90Jan£0.07(Total:£0.07)|ES:£1.00/£50.00|£6.00/£359.00SavingsRepayment
  • Hi

    I'm relatively new to MSE but my main goal is to get money into savings. The pot is currently empty. I've managed to lower my car insurance and once my mobile contract is up in March I plan on going to SIM only which will hopefully save about £20 per month. Starting from January I'm going to try and put between £80-£100 per month away with a goal of saving £1,000 by the 31st December 2014. Anything more than that will be an added bonus.


    N x
  • Domayne
    Domayne Posts: 623
    Debt-free and Proud!
    Hi id like to join please! :) I recently opened an ISA account with £30, this will start taking money directly out of my account on 01.01.2014 - £350
    I also have credit card debt that is currently at 3100, this should be paid off by the end of june/july, then I will be able to save £750 a month!
    Goal to save by 31.12.14 = £6000

    Domayne - 0/6000 (31.12.2014)

    (Hope I did this right :o )
    Saved so far - £28,890.97
    ~Selfish is the name that the jealous give to the free~
    Save 12k in 2019 #18 £5,489.43/12000
  • Done you've all been added.
    33p change went into my pot.
    FebNSD:1/14 (TotalNSDs:12NSDs|SPC#054 £0.52(£6.00 banked)|RR#90Jan£0.07(Total:£0.07)|ES:£1.00/£50.00|£6.00/£359.00SavingsRepayment
  • hummingbird
    hummingbird Posts: 1,522 Forumite
    Right - trying to think how much I can save!!

    I have already decided on a target of £1000 for my sealed pot, so if I include that and all the other ways I might save I will double that total to £2000 thanks Leopard.
    £10 a day extra in May '18[B]£35/310[
    Virtual Sealed Pot 2018 £500/£2500 = 20%
    You can find my diary here:
  • You've been added hummingbird.
    When do you want your "Deadline" to be ?
    FebNSD:1/14 (TotalNSDs:12NSDs|SPC#054 £0.52(£6.00 banked)|RR#90Jan£0.07(Total:£0.07)|ES:£1.00/£50.00|£6.00/£359.00SavingsRepayment
  • Domayne
    Domayne Posts: 623
    Debt-free and Proud!
    Thanks leopard! I'm so excited for 2014!! :D
    Saved so far - £28,890.97
    ~Selfish is the name that the jealous give to the free~
    Save 12k in 2019 #18 £5,489.43/12000
  • Count me in. I intend to put away £15 a week which will give me £780 in 52 weeks but I intend to push myself harder now you guys are watching!

    Put me down for £1000 by Dec 2014

    Now to not dip into this extra account!!!
    BYS # 7 £0 /£1000
    Quit smoking Sept 2013 - Saved £525 (4/12/13)
  • Hi, I need all the help I can get so please can you put me down for £1,000. Thank you x
    Nationwide cc - Balance 7/1/14 £2720.17 - Current balance £2714.10
    Halifax cc - Balance 7/1/14 £2779.86 - Current balance - £2751.43
    Savings - Balance 7/1/14 £750.00 - Current balance - £400
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