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Build Your Savings Challenge

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  • GoldiegirlGoldiegirl Forumite
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    Leopard, thank you so much, this challenge is so right for me.

    I'm currently trying to save as much as I can ahead of my early retirement, so this challenge will help keep me focused on my goals.

    My target from now until 31st December 2014 is £18,000

    This is from mine and Mr GG's joint income and also bear in mind we have no mortgage or other debts. So although it seems a large amount , I think it's do-able

    I transfer funds to savings at the end of each month, so my first savings update will be at the end of the December.

    PS loving the form and spreadsheet!
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  • hummingbirdhummingbird Forumite
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    My deadline will be Dec 31st 2014:beer:
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  • Thank you!
    Goldiegirl , that's okay.
    I'd prefer it if members posted at the end of the month with their total as it is easier for me to track on the form. I'm also going to create another form and update the about post as I wish to add some other things on.

    The "Build your savings" chart have been updated. I'm really sorry i forgot to add our new members on there!

    I potted £5.28 in my piggy bank today!
    hopefully at the end of the month I can start to put in at least £10 every month.
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  • I am in.......goal £4ooo.

    I have absolutely no savings and have decided that 2014 is about saving and getting a firm footing on money. Especially after a few horrible years struggling with money I am now in a position where I can save so I will....
  • tattycathtattycath Forumite
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    Count me in please. I'm going to set my target at £1,000
    Not sure if it's doable but I'll give it my best shot.
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    Big_bogBig_bog Forumite
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    This thread has just convinced me to register. I have made a debt free plan and have started the journey, however I don't have any savings in case of emergencies. I've been impressed by your spreadsheet and update forms and would love to join in with my very first challenge....I would like to save £1000 by this time next year
    I will escape the big bog that is my debt!
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    LeopardPrintsAndTeaLeopardPrintsAndTea Forumite
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    I will add our new members to the lists tomorrow as my day have been a little on the "busy" side today. Feel free to do the challenge though.

    I've put £10 in my piggy bank making the total £18.81. This would get put into my savings account when I empty my piggy bank. There is 7p around somewhere but I am too lazy to search for it lol.

    Hope everyone is getting on okay so far.

    I've changed my goal to putting £359.00 back into my savings before I focus on any other savings goal. I need to put back what I used over 2013.
    FebNSD:1/14 (TotalNSDs:12NSDs|SPC#054 £0.52(£6.00 banked)|RR#90Jan£0.07(Total:£0.07)|ES:£1.00/£50.00|£6.00/£359.00SavingsRepayment
  • I will add our new members to the lists tomorrow as my day have been a little on the "busy" side today. Feel free to do the challenge though.

    I know what you mean its been that kinda week for me too. No signs of it slowing down either why is it we save up all our social events for December when we are busy enough at work/home with Christmas talk about challenges :rotfl:
    Everyone have a nice weekend.....
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    Can I please join? I am due to start work in the next few weeks....just waiting for my CRB to come through which is taking its time.

    My savings goal is £2800 by 31st december 2014. I want to save for a house deposit but still owe bank of mum and dad a fair wack as they helped me to buy a car this year, but it is interest free so I have set up a payment plan with them and won't be aiming to pay it off any quicker.

    If I manage to save my target I will be over the moon!
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  • Not been much action in here....has everyone run off??
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