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2014 mfw

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    Ruthy1604Ruthy1604 Forumite
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    edited 7 December 2013 at 3:58PM
    Can I join again please - I was 143 on the last challenge, but am happy to change number if needed.

    Target £8000 please!

    Thanks for taking over :D

    10lb to lose & keep off in 20204.5lb/10lb:rotfl:
  • lauraw82lauraw82 Forumite
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    May I sign up for this please? I don't have a number already. My target for this year is to op £3000.
  • ShortieShortie Forumite
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    Oh my gawd... I've just remembered are replacing our dire heating system next year too so need to save around another £5k for that ..
    Apologies if there are random typos - I am usually replying via my phone
  • liz-paulliz-paul Forumite
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    Hi JCL - can you please put me down for this? I am no 62 in 2013 but don't mind whether I stay the same or not. However, I'm not sure what my target is because we're not sure what our finances are doing. Is it easy enough to change my target during the challenge? If it is then can you start me off with a target of £7000 and I'll hopefully raise it over the year.... Thanks :T
    1% at a time no. 40. £8000 (For dream family holiday) 94/100
    MFW 2013 no. 62 £10,000/£10,000
    MFW 2014 no 62 £8000/£7000
  • JCLJCL Forumite
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    Hi Liz-Paul. Yes, you can update your target during the year.
    MFW 2015 #41 = £20,515/£20,515
    MFW 2014 #41 = £26,100/£25,000
    MFW 2013 #41 = £10,000/£10,000
    Original MF date = May 2036 - MF achieved on 15 June 2015
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  • pollyanna24pollyanna24 Forumite
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    I'd like to take part again next year please. Not as optimistic as this year when me and the bro stuck a lump sum on mortgage, but still quite a significant amount.

    As our payment goes down each month that we put an overpayment on, it is a bit hard to guess how much we plan to overpay, but for now I'm going to £12,000.
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  • icontinuetodreamicontinuetodream Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    count me in!! I have number 92 on 2013 challenge so would like to keep that if possible..... smaller target of 10k this time as currently jobless and not sure when that will change!!! :eek::D
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    Mortgage OP £50/£600 House Fund £420/£5000
  • Can I join this year please? My target for overpayments will be £3000 for the year :)
    Mortgage Free Wannabe
    Current Mortgage Jan 2017 £80,791
  • kblkbl Forumite
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    Hi JCL, thanks in advance for all the effort you are going to, I've got an ambitious (for us) target of €9000 for 2014, my number is 132, but am not fussed if it has to be changed
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  • MipmopMipmop Forumite
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    Please can I join for 2014. My mortgage is up for renewal in December 14 so I really want to crack down on it throughout the year to get the best deal.

    Therefore my target is to overpay £12,000!


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