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2014 mfw

edited 4 January 2015 at 7:27PM in Mortgage-Free Wannabe
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  • Hi JCL,

    Have just posted for 2013 with £10601 (achieved)…

    Unfortunately 2014 may be a more modest target. Please put me down for £3036. Will have to see if I can add over this during the course of the year. Newbie so any number’s fine. Thanks

    Mortgage Jan 2013 £116677
    Jan 2014 £102k
    Target Jan 2015 £95k
    2013 MFW no149 £10601/£10601 target reached
    2014 MFW no36 £2880.37/£3436 ahead of schedule
  • Hello.......... Southportguy 106....... can i stay at number 106?
    If not, no worries!
    Mortgage now down to £45K having been at £92K at the start of 2013...... so really chuffed.
    So for 2014..... a bit slower and not as hard, so would like to pay of 50% of the total, thus, £22.5K is my target.

  • JackiesJackies Forumite
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    Hi! Can I rejoin (and keep my number if possible please).
    Well and truly beat my 2013 target of 6k and still have a dec amount to declare but a few things going on over the next 12 months so going to set a more modest target of £4000. I'm number 49 on the 2013 list :)

    Sealed Pot Challenge (1031) 2012 = 148.17
    Virtual Sealed Pot Challenge -
    2012 191.39
    Emergency Fund:
    2013 Goal: Overpay mortgage:
    £1745/£6000 (MFW 2013 No 49)
  • CrumpetsCrumpets Forumite
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    Hello can I join in too please, target for 2014 will be to overpay £6000


    Crumpets :D
    Mortgage March 2011 £143,927.6
    Mortgage Feb 2019 £78,323.18
  • Can I join please-need to get down this, whilst interest rates are low! I'd like to overpay by £15k but we'll see how things go?! Off to work out how to change signature etc. Good luck everyone!!

    MFW 2014 #43
    Overpayments 2014: £6200/£15000
  • QB_WolfQB_Wolf Forumite
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    No 27, £5000 please, last year's £10k target was unrealistic.
    Start Date 16/09/2015
    Original amount outstanding = 225,000 Current amount outstanding =199,812
    Original LTV = 64% Current LTV = 49%
    Original Pay Off Date = Sep' 36 New Pay Off date = Sep' 36
    Original Dly Int = 17.17 New Dly Int = 17.17 Total OP = £1319.31
  • ShortieShortie Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    Okay, I'm stepping in!! Can I please be put down for an overpayment of £1,500?

    We officially became debt free a couple of weeks ago (woo hoo!) and I do now have a nice amount of money back a month now but I need to save another £3k for building works, and I want to build up an emergency/savings pot.

    I hope to be able to over pay more than that, but I just want to even get into a routine of overpaying.. To get myself mentally ready, I even set up the online payment link ready to over pay :D
    April 2021 Grocery Challenge 34.29 / 250
  • I aim to overpay £4000 in 2014. Need to focus on savings a bit more in 2014 I think as job isn't looking as secure as it once was. I want a nice cushion of money just in case . . .
    As of 23/05/14
    Main Mortgage - £114,940/£125,731 at 3.19%
    Loan £2,912/£3,700 at 8.8%
    OPs - £3,510 - target £6,000 by Dec 2014
    Original MF date June 2045 now March 2044
    Savings - £5,010 - target £8,000 by Dec 2014
  • Hi I'd like to join again this year please can I b no 100 same no as last year Mfw2013, I'd like a target of £5000 please but may up it a little if I don't make my £5000 target from 2013!!!! Many thanks:)
  • 115K115K Forumite
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    Can I join up please with a 2014 target to overpay...


    :A Thank you!
    HOUSE MOVE FUND £16,000/ £19,000
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