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2014 mfw

edited 4 January 2015 at 7:27PM in Mortgage-Free Wannabe
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  • I'd like to join if I may. I'm new and would like to OP £20k this year. Mortgage is around £114,500 (awaiting most recent balance letter). Thank you!
    Mortgage £225k May 2017 - aim to pay off by Christmas 2026 - MFW 2017 #118
    Outstanding mortgage: £218,478
    2017 target £5,800 / £11k
    Cash reserve target £2,506.62 / £10k
    S&S ISA £6,664/ £20k
    MF1 August 2016. approx (£152k start Jan 2009)
  • SuperSecretSquirrelSuperSecretSquirrel Forumite
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    I would love to join in next year!

    Life will change massively for us soon, but the plan is continue overpaying what we can. I'd like to set a target of 3k overpaid in 2014 please. Secretly hoping to improve on that by quite a lot, but 3k feels like a good target for now :)
    Mortgage free at 35. Aiming for FIRE.
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  • TahlullahTahlullah Forumite
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    Hello, please may I keep my number and be put down for £2400.

    Thank you.
    Still striving to be mortgage free before I get to a point I can't enjoy it.

    Owed at the end of -
    02/19 - £78,400. 04/19 - £85,000. 05/19 - £83,300. 06/19 - £78,900.
    07/19 - £77,500. 08/19 - £76,000.
  • JCLJCL Forumite
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    Please keep the 2014 targets coming. Great to see so many already. :)

    People with existing numbers they want to keep have until 27 December to claim them. After that, they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis in numerical order (as available). It will be at that point that I'll publish the initial 2014 participants list in the first post. Any queries, just PM me. Thanks. :)
    MFW 2015 #41 = £20,515/£20,515
    MFW 2014 #41 = £26,100/£25,000
    MFW 2013 #41 = £10,000/£10,000
    Original MF date = May 2036 - MF achieved on 15 June 2015
  • FacelessNumberFacelessNumber Forumite
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    I would like to set an initial target of £2000 please, although I am likely to be moving house so will have to see what happens there!

    Thanks :)

  • stoplurkingstoplurking Forumite
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    Hi may I join please? New at this so a low target of £1200 to start me off. Thanks for running this challenge. SL.
    MFIT -T5 #42
  • GadfiumGadfium Forumite
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    Me too. Not bothered about what number.

    Target for OP = £6000
  • rd07rd07 Forumite
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    I'd like to join please - #95 from 2013 thread. My target for 2014 is £7500.

    Remortgage means that my monthly payments are significantly reduced but as I'm not used to having that money, I've set up a standing order for the difference (£225) to go out each month.

    These monthly overpayments give me an annual overpayment of £2700 so hopefully I can make up the difference during the year.
    Original mortgage (Nov 2009): [STRIKE]£119200[/STRIKE] Original End Date: [STRIKE]Dec 2034[/STRIKE]
    Current mortgage (Aug 2017): [STRIKE]£93,512[/STRIKE] £59,787 Target End Date: Jan 2024
  • Hello everyone :)

    Great to see the new exciting 2014 thread so busy already :j

    Please can I be number 135 again and set my target as £2100, which should be enough to see us mortgage free in June 2014 :D

    Thanks very much JCL :T
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    Proud to have dealt with our debt :)
  • Very first post..... Would like to join for 2014. Aiming for overpayment of £6000.

    There I have done it, that wasn't too difficult was it :j:j:j
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