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2014 mfw

edited 4 January 2015 at 7:27PM in Mortgage-Free Wannabe
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  • VoucherManVoucherMan Forumite
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    Yes please JCL.

    A more ambitious target for me next year. Going to try for £7000. Any number will do thanks although if Mortgagefreeby50 isn't bothered I'll gladly take no.13 then I can have the same number for both

    Looks like you've already got a few newcomers :T
    Names I don't recognise anyway.
  • Would like to join please.

    Would like to keep my number 22, as it's also my bday (so easier to remember).

    Target £6000 as this keeps me on target to be MF in 5 years.
    OPs so far £42,139
    Original end date Nov 2037 (53) Current end date June 2024 (40) Aiming for 5 years to be Mf
    DD1 Oct 2008:), DD2 Jul 2010:), DD3 Aug 2013:)
    When life is getting me down I try to remember to thank God for the blessings
  • newgirlynewgirly Forumite
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    Hi , I would love to join again this year please and if possible keep my current number of mfw 21 Can I update with a target later on when I've worked one out too, thanks jcl :)
    MFW 38

    2020 £14,466.48 / £18,000
  • ang4kang4k Forumite
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    I would like to join and am trying for £5500 for 2014
    MFiT-T4- reduce mortgage from 61000 to 40000
    2018 MFW no 17 : 8000/10100.00. 2019 MFW no 17: 2150/8000
    MFIT-T5-completely clear my £35000.00 mortgage
  • Howdi JCL

    Count me in too (and if possible, can I keep my number of #127.

    Umm, think I am going to stick with the same OP target of £3,000; as we have the garden to finish off and I would like a new boiler before next Christmas.

    Got the House, MF aim to do this WAY before 60, and preferably out of it by 50! :cool:

    MF2018 #127 £3,150 / £5,500 WOOT lower M rate!

    2012-£3k ; 2013-£3,1k ; 2014-£3,325 ; 2015-£3,825 ; 2016-£2,050 (reduced to £2k) ; 2017-£3,275
  • Hi JCL and well done for taking this on. I'd like to sign up to the 2014 challenge please with a target of £10,000. Happy to keep no.37
  • KerfuffleKerfuffle Forumite
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    Please count me in again. My target is 10000.00gbp and I don't mind what number I have.
  • elantanelantan Forumite
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    Would love to join if possible? Not too bothered if I keep my number or not ... What ever is easiest for you :) my number was 2 if that helps any

    Sadly we have a few things planned for this year so my aim will be £2k but like last year if I start to reach it I will up it as I go

    Thanks for carrying on the great work of previous years
    march 2011-july2019 8 years and 4 months ... or 100 months and counting
    "what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail.... enjoy the adventure" " to my own self be true"
  • I would like to join again please and will aim for £14,000 same as this year's target, but, unlike this year, will try and avoid buying a huge old house in the middle of 2014 :o I would like my old number of lucky 7 please?
    mortgage 1 33,000. paid nov 2012 :D. mortgage 2 87,000 due 51,686.76 at july 2013, but then:new home and remortgage ... £101065.43:eek: now 74k
  • SouthernmanSouthernman Forumite
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    Hi i would like to keep my number of 10 if possible and i would like my target to be £3000.

    Thanks for doing this. I've never been involved in such a motivational thread as this one. Will continue every year until my mortgage is a big fat zero!
    Mortgage 1: May 2012 £90,000 April 2020: £47,000
    Mortgage 2: £270,000😱 Jan 2019 £253,000 April 2020
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