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    The toiletries scam is quite amusing and yes you would be hard pushed to tell the difference in products. However what has happened to everyone's sense of taste? I can taste the difference in loads of brands and I'm not being snobby as I prefer some 'cheaper brands' to the leading brands.
  • Haize
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    I have to agree about the chocolate... I've been through various phases of things like Milka and other posh ones being my favourite, but Sainsbury's own is much nicer than cadburys. I guess it's because they don't have the "well know" reputation, and so actually have to put a reasonable amount of cocoa in to get people to buy it!

    Can't agree with the washing up liquid though: From my experience, you simply end up having to use more of it to get the same effect. Though I wouldn't mind having a bottle of cheap stuff to swap in when one of the guys I live with washes up - it would appear he thinks it is the bubbles that wash the plates, not wiping them with a sponge...
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    Wesker wrote:
    Yeah but it doesnt work with Whiskas cat food, as seen on the
    Because cats are far cleverer than humans :rolleyes:
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    rushnowt wrote:

    I also have a strange obsession with needing to have my washing up liquid with anti bacterial agent lol, I have to get it when its on special or half price cos its so expensive :o

    :confused: thats not strange I mean after you have been to do your "business" in the bathroom it really should be anti-bactrial, you are afterall removing away waste product/toxins your body didnt want, you really dont want any residue of any kind on your hands! I even use my sleeve to pull doors in toilets as a few years ago a report said there was more harmful bacteria and salmonella on public toilet door handles in Macdonalds than you could expect to safely eat! YUK!! So a bacon & egg mcmuffin wont cause you illness but the toilet visit could??? (can you tell I used to work in the food industry? lol)

    get to Poundland you get nicer smelling bigger anti-bacs for a quid!
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  • Great idea, i did this to impress the prospective buyers of my house. A friend gets the expensive things, (more fool her) and she gives me the bottles and jars when she's finised them.

    They look so good I'll keep doing it, the bottles look a bit tatty if husband and sons use them tho'.
  • seaniboy wrote:
    I even use my sleeve to pull doors in toilets as a few years ago a report said there was more harmful bacteria and salmonella on public toilet door handles in Macdonalds than you could expect to safely eat!

    I think this tells you quite a bit about the sort of people who eat in McDonalds. Me, I wash my hands.

    Soap does a perfectly good job really - I think we've just been conned into buying anti-bacterial everything.
  • Eliza252
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    yep those anti-bacteria cleaning ads REALLY annoy me - my mums an infection control nurse and she says that 90% of it is in the actual wiping/washing action rather than the product. and dont even get me started on those ads for products that claim to kill viruses - I dont even know why they are allowed to broadcast them! - nb. you cant kill viruses as they are not really alive anyway (complicated bits of protein). Those adverts are desinged to induce cleaning paranoia!
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    ksh123 wrote:
    what a brilliant idea! I wish I had thought of that 10years ago (she buys her own now!)

    You want to try popping over to Money Saving OLD STYLE!!! It's full of little gems like the shampoo trick!! ;)

    Buttercup: I would love to see your dd's face if you ever tell her the truth! LOL Extending on your theme about decanting cheaper versions into "posh" bottles, I have an glass decanter on my bathroom windowsill (free with petrol tokens years ago) and I always decant whichever brand of b.bath I buy into the that ... something you may want to consider because one day, that posh bottle is going to get quite worn from all your refilling ;):)
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    My favourite is cereals, I always buy shop brands and pour them straight into my containers I have never had any complaints or refusals,providing it is safe and healthy to do these things I see no reason stop and it does save pounds over the year.
    You live..You learn.:)
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    I use Safeway (Morrison) Lemon shampoo as a hand wash. You get 750ml for around the 70p mark and it works brilliantly, smells lovely and doesn't dry your skin out!

    I did try the savers shampoo once, but that wasn't worth it at you had to use tons of the stuff to get a lather.

    Good things come to those who wait......... but the best will be taken by those who got there first ;)

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