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    I used my local college last week as i now work just over the road and had a fab haircut for £8 rather than the £40 i was used to! bargain!
    £17,000 credit card debt :mad: balances transferred to 0% and ready to start paying them off like mad
    £6500 student loans
    £5000 loan paid off yay:money: extra £120 a month to put on credit cards
    monthly budget £600 for food, petrol , going out household/vets bills etc
    meal planning since July
  • Never carry cash in your wallet.
    My downfall! Everytime I have carried cash when I managed to underspend, I ended up spending it!!:embarasse
    How to get a LIFE out of NOTHING !!:money::beer:
  • Never carry cash in your wallet.
    I have consistently ended up spending money in my purse as a result of underspends because I was wandering the ailses of my local Tesco.:confused:
    How to get a LIFE out of NOTHING !!:money::beer:
  • Kimberley wrote: »
    Shop at charity shops for your clothes. I have bought some designer clothes from them. They receive clothes that are slightly faulty from top name stores that they can't sell themselves, this also goes for kids clothes. Some things in charity shops are good quality stuff :) and it don't hurt your pocket :)
    I agree. The task of any Bargain Hunter is to spot the gems amid the dross which can be very frumpy colourless etc but to the woman who knows her Designers and what's what in Fashion ( I keep my Bible Trinny and Suzzana by me and now will keep looks/approaches I like as reference) then to the canny girl you will be amazed at what you can nab.
    Finds: 3 Joseph Trousers 1 Joseph T Shirt 2 Burberry trench coats (!!!) and numerous silk shirts a habit I need to get back into.:money:
    How to get a LIFE out of NOTHING !!:money::beer:
  • Don't buy ANYTHING 'new' (except food and underwear!)
    I would find that too hard to do but it sounds good for a Financial Fast!!
    How to get a LIFE out of NOTHING !!:money::beer:
  • Batgirl wrote: »
    Thats a great tip, thanks.
    Books are better than Magazines and Papers which if I am honest DO have their uses: Broadsheet recipes don't have product placement unlike some sources I won't mention and the qaulity is brilliant.
    Magazines feel like edited Advertorial.
    I love mags like the rest of Womenkind but sometimes I feel they are a bridge too far and that Books and learning how to read [the various kinds of books out there Philosophy, academia etc] is more beneficial with relief at controlled intervals with the right magazines,:money:
    How to get a LIFE out of NOTHING !!:money::beer:
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    Resist temptation when perusing around shops. If you don't already have it, do you need it?
    I am hopeless at it because of self destructive tendencies and messy tendencies I have ended up buying things twice or griming things up to the point of needing to replace the aforesaid items.
    *hardly would be money saving expert queen material is it?*
    How to get a LIFE out of NOTHING !!:money::beer:
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    r_holmes22 wrote: »
    If your credit card debt is smaller than your monthly disposable income then pay it off in full each month (to avoid paying interest) and use the same card for the rest of the month's expenses, attempting to ensure you get put back slightly less than what was on the card when you cleared it.

    What a brilliant idea! I feel stupid for not thinking of it before! I had to use my credit card to pay off a debt my ex husband ran up (in a joint account I'd forgotten to take my name off) and am only managing to pay the interest at the moment. However, I can definitely do this!
    1/1/10 total debt £4,311. Debt today £1,082
  • Better still use a cashback card and get that little bit back, especially if you book a long haul flight, or even try a cashback debit card for that.
    Bennys from sunny Manchester
  • Only read up to pg17 so sorry if its been mentioned:
    Roll on deodorants are cheaper, more enviromentally friendly, more effective, and last longer.
    If you are lazy and use a dishwasher like me, rinse and refill your cups of tea/coffee instead of using a new mug and you will need to do fewer washes.
    Buy a cheese slicer, it slices cheese thinner - saves your wallet and weight.
    My friends mum used to have a note on the fridge door with contents inside listed on so she knew what was in the fridge without opening (save leccy) plus she put a red cross next to items which had run out and werent stocked anymore, and a green cross next to ones running out so when she needed to shop she would just grab the list off the fridge and easily have a shopping list :)
    Bstuff :p : Pigsback - 4,735. Toluna - 98,210. Surveyhead - £7.37 (£4.92 Pending). Yougov - £4.50. Lightspeed - 970.
    Freebies in the last
    week: Scented Candles, Abc book, Bold Gel, Beauty samples
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