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Anyone want to join me? Awaiting Mortgage decision...

edited 7 February 2014 at 2:40PM in Mortgages & Endowments
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  • DebtFree2012DebtFree2012 Forumite
    3.6K posts
    We have now received our mortgage offer :) Super pleased so off to exchange board.
    Debt - CCV £3792
    CCB £1383 (took a hit for a holiday)
    Loan 1 £1787

    Loan 2 £1683
    Total £8601 Was £39302
  • kirtsypooskirtsypoos Forumite
    3.8K posts
    Ninth Anniversary 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker Cashback Cashier
    :j PAID VERY, Barclaycard x3, Vanquis, Natwest, O/D, Tesco & MBNA x2 PAID :j LBM 24/07/15 - Original Debt: £0/31010.23 (100% paid) :eek:
    Mortgage - £151.316.54 :eek:
  • DebtFree2012DebtFree2012 Forumite
    3.6K posts
    Thank you hun.
    Debt - CCV £3792
    CCB £1383 (took a hit for a holiday)
    Loan 1 £1787

    Loan 2 £1683
    Total £8601 Was £39302
  • kellareekellaree Forumite
    119 posts
    It was 3 weeks from full application to us getting declined from leeds bs, they have maybe been declined and going with another lender? We are waiting on the valuation being instructed with new lender but our sellars know all this and are happy to wait thank goodness

    Does anyone know if Leeds are quite fussy? Do you know why you were declined?

    That's the most frustrating part, that we weren't kept in the loop. We were told everything was going through etc, they came to measure up and now they've dropped this on us. If they'd said they were having a few issues we would have been more understanding.
  • sunnyxsunnyx Forumite
    29 posts
    Offer finally confirmed with Nationwide. Overall 1 month from application to formal offer.

    18th September - AIP via Broker

    19th September - Full Application via Broker

    There was some queries in relation to the deposit and the source of where the funds had come from.

    28th September - Valuation rescheduled

    No idea why it was rescheduled but caused further delays!

    9th October - Valuation completed

    Some queries with my recent overtime and child benefit.

    20th October - Formal offer via Text message!

    Good Luck everyone.

    Now will wait for the formal paperwork to arrive. Good luck everyone on here,hope you get a decision soon :)
  • Hi everyone,

    Applied for DIP 15/10/15 accepted same day
    Mortgage broker submitted full application 17/10/15
    Valuation rescheduled today :-( don't know why.

    It's only been 5 days and it's felt like 5 weeks. Fingers crossed
  • Applied today with Virgin, borrowing 155k, I'm self employed SA302, 44k 14/15, 33k 13/14, girlfriend 15k a year, initial AIP was ok so fingers crossed, paid for valuation today, obviously I'm convinced there will be a problem somewhere along the way, mainly due to being self employed.. but fingers crossed.
  • kellareekellaree Forumite
    119 posts
    We found out yesterday that not only are they now going to another lender but they're having a homebuyers report instead of just a valuation. Apparently their broker has told them they'll process the application quicker if they get a HB. Anyone ever heard of that being the case? (Makes no sense to me).

    Do I just walk away now? I feel like my time is being wasted...
  • Bee70Bee70 Forumite
    63 posts
    We are waiting for a decision from Halifax - we have a 15% deposit, but have 3 year old defaults (fully paid off), so nervous that we won't be accepted, although we have a DIP and I saw a credit check done by them a few weeks ago.
    Our timeline -
    offer accepted 14/10
    application for full mortgage by broker 16/10 and message by case worker same day

    anyone know how long halifax take? Really worried they will turn us down even though we got a DIP
  • Bee70 we will soon be in the same scenario as you. We'll be applying for a Halifax mortgage in the next few weeks and I have x2 defaults from 2 and 4 years ago (both settled at that time). My credit rating now is 'excellent' on Experian. Have you looked at your credit rating? my OH has perfect past though, and his is excellent. We're after a 90% LTV though with only a 10% deposit.

    I am super worried :-(
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